20 Times People Spotted Something Truly Unusual on Their Ordinary Day

4 years ago

We’ve all gotten used to seeing extraordinary things in movies or video games with visual effects, or reading about them in fiction books. But sometimes the ordinary things we normally pay no attention to can amaze us at a moment that we least expect. If you can see something special behind the ordinary, life will keep surprising you with its creativity day by day.

Here at Bright Side we were happy to discover these pics showing things that few of us can see with our own eyes, and now it’s your turn to say, “Wow!”

1. “This blue jay still has half of its baby feathers.”

2. This ivy fell off the wall.

3. This double spiral staircase is enough to drive anyone crazy.

4. “This brick wall looks like medium-rare steaks.”

5. “My glue bottle leaked overnight and dried to make a gluecicle.”

6. “This rainbow is coming out of our dumpster.”

7. “Found these petroglyphs while hiking in a remote section of Petrified Forest National Park.”

8. “My remote looks like it was poorly photoshopped into the picture.”

9. This shadow perfectly lines up with the light pole.

10. When the color and texture of your slippers totally matches the carpet:

11. “A letter from one of my relatives in 1836 was written first one way across the page and then continued at a 90 degree angle.”

12. “This bench in my basement that conceals a boulder”

13. “My turtle has a smiley face in its shell belly.”

14. “A spider fell on my phone and left a dust print.”

15. This cloud looks like a tornado.

16. “The way the light shines through the bookcase makes a cityscape shadow.”

17. “Got home, and found a monkey in the kitchen.”

18. “My baby axolotl carries a gene that makes him glow under a blacklight.”

19. The sunrise hits just this one tree.

20. This moth is disguised as birch wood.

Have you ever spotted anything just as unusual? Do you have pictures to share? We’d be glad to see your unexpected discoveries in the comments below!

Preview photo credit beeranden / Reddit


#11 looks like some special secret code :D
I can't read it!
With the grace I have, I would easily hit the wall with my had, if I had to use stairs from #3! ?

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