20 People Who Went to a Restaurant but Weren’t Prepared for the Surprise They Received

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Nowadays, more and more restaurants are ditching regular white plates and deciding to experiment with creative ways to present food in order to attract customers. Plating is a very important part of eating out, and many chefs go to great lengths to make food more appetizing. But these people ended up with very confusing food presentations that they’ll likely never forget.

1. “Local Chinese BBQ meat served on a Barbie”

2. “A levitating dish on a chain”

3. “I love mango pudding, but they made it into the shape of corn. I hate corn.”

4. “Can someone give me a hand with the title?”

5. “Dessert in a 2-star Michelin restaurant”

6. “Would have been better if the wheels worked on the truck.”

7. “Got to admit, that was pretty cute (cheesecake samples)”

8. “Most expensive restaurant I’ve ever been to. The chef literally made the starter in our hand.”

9. “Bread inside a purse”

10. “I guess we’re using scales now.”

11. “My salad came in a watering can.”

12. “Ranch in a mouth”

13. “Tempura green beans, in a shoe...”

14. “Oh, and no utensils!”

15. “Pulled pork donuts”

16. “My chicken wings were very health conscious, and so they arrived on a bike.”

17. “Delicious tiramisu — but served in a moka pot...?”

18. “Hello?”

19. “Chicken Goujons served in a miniature bin.”

20. “At a Korean restaurant in Spain”

Do you like creative food presentations or do you prefer regular plates? What was the most unusual plating you’ve come across?

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Id never accept the chef to serve food on my hand. Esp sauce stuff....

Maybe the Spain restaurant thinks Koreans eat monkey brains lol.


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