20 Times We Were Caught Off-Guard by the World

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Any photo can reveal something that we didn’t know about the world and fill us with wonder. Just when we think that we’ve seen everything, an amazing sight puts our head in a spin and we question what we know about the life around us. Nature never stops showing us how incredible life is, and we can’t help but feel inspired.

Bright Side has found some of the freshest photos that can turn any ordinary day into one that’s out of this world.

1. Sometimes the sky decides to split in 2.

2. A huge rainbow was seen in Iceland.

3. This window looks like it’s a painting.

4. These are clouds, not waves.

5. A rare albino alligator

6. “This cat has a paw print on it’s back!”

7. An ant’s face under the microscope.

8. What waxed apples actually look like

9. These trees that are naturally curvy

10. “My blackout curtains project the traffic outside onto my ceiling.”

11. A mini storm within the city

12. “This is what −40ºF looks like in Yakutsk, Russia.”

13. These 2 moths look exactly like wood shavings.

14. All the colors of the sunrise are reflected in the canal.

15. The sharp contrast is created between these 2 bays because of different minerals.

16. “It wasn’t until I was exiting the mine that I found gold.”

17. The peak of the pyramid of Khufu in Giza

18. What a gecko’s hand actually looks like

19. “I found a shell that looks just like a coconut.”

20. The details of a cat’s eye

Have you had an experience that made you see the world differently? We’d love to hear about it, so please do share it with us!

Preview photo credit jack_zonk / Reddit


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