20 Times We Were Reminded That Pets Can Be as Human as We Are

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Although we love to treat our pets like our children, our furry companions are actually quite smart and have special cognitive abilities as well as emotions. For example, dogs are known to pick up on their owners’ feelings and reflect them. These 20 pets prove that animals can behave in a human-like manner and react to things the same way we do.

1. “My uncle scolded my aunt’s dog and now she looks at him like this.”

2. “My cat plotting against my dog from her tower”

3. “It’s dinner time and one of the dogs is blind.”

4. “Our cat turned 19 on New Year’s Day.”

5. “My dog expressing her opinion of the −30°F wind chill.”

6. “My cat is shunning me for his neutering.”

7. “I don’t know, but I think my cat is mad at me.”

8. “Couldn’t find my dog, so I went into my bedroom and found he messed up the bed and is taking a nap.”

9. “My dog waking up to the smell of pot pie”

10. “How the petsitter found my cat, facing the front door. ’Dear Diary, my humans have deserted me. I shall starve. Fare thee well.’”

11. “My dog watches TV with me.”

12. “We gave our old furniture away before the new stuff arrives, and my dog is depressed and thinks she’s a guard dog failure.”

13. “My sister got my cat a sweater for Christmas. It’s his favorite!”

14. “My cat uses the curtain for cover so she can watch the birds without scaring them.”

15. “The way my cat sleeps”

16. “On the left is my dog. On the right is some random picture I found in a home goods store. I tell people it’s his great-grandfather.”

17. “I’m remodeling my basement and all the ceiling tiles were just removed. I found my cat like this.”

18. “My cat has a great way of showing us how life should be.”

19. “The face my dog makes whenever he gets caught being mischievous”

20. “My dog had a long day.”

Have you ever caught your pet doing something that made them seem human-like? Share it with us.

Preview photo credit BossDozzz / Reddit


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