20 Unforgettable Times Pets Had Fun With Their Hoomans

4 years ago

Our pets have an incredible and unbeatable power — they live life to the max for and with their owners. Looking at this photo selection we can certainly say that pets do have a sense of humor and are always willing to have fun, especially if their owner can be a part of it.

Bright Side has 20 pictures that show you will never have a dull moment if you have a pet.

1. Just chilling with the boys.

2. A friendly competition on whose smile is better

3. I want someone to look at me the way that cat looks at him.

4. Come on, human, secretly you love my company.

5. I am a mech-hound and I am on duty today.

6. We are inseparable, aren’t we? Literally. Under any circumstances.

7. Left my suit on the floor. Woke up to this.

8. Life’s most precious moments are often very simple.

9. There’s always enough room for your bestie.

10. Cat relaxation practice, level expert

11. Just trying to meet those deadlines.

12. Like owner, like pet.

13. Can you be a bad boy and a good boy at the same time?

14. He takes the dogs he rescues on a train ride every morning.

15. The mighty Corgi Avengers

16. When you want to convince your cat that you’re family:

17. Just my neighbor and his cat... reading.

18. Nothing to see here, just a dog walking another dog.

19. Say “cheeeeese.”

20. I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Catman.

Have you taken any funny or touching pictures with your pets? If so please, share them with us and everyone else and let’s all make each other’s day a little bit better!


My dog also follows me everywhere, to the bathroom too and always checks what I do :D
not a big fan of batman, but if I saw a film with this cat and his owner, I'm sure I'd love it ?

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