20+ Uninvited Guests You’d Definitely Want to Keep

3 years ago

When you cross paths with a person unexpectedly, you might have different emotions. But when you come across fluffy animals, you don’t want to forget those moments — that’s when it becomes a good idea to grab our phones and take a picture. And thankfully, online users decided to share these moments with us.

We at Bright Side love spreading joy, so here are some photos of uninvited guests that anyone would love to have.

Look who’s here to say hi.

“I’m a plumber working in a ceiling void under a leaking shower and I have been greeted by a curious kitty.”

“I’m still not used to living in the suburbs. Today, a hawk flew in and I don’t know who was more scared — him or me. I barely caught him, gave him some meat, and let him go.”

“This amazing cat I saw”

“A short story of how a squirrel visited me at work”

“I came home and saw this. Nobody knows where he came from or how he got in.”

“I heard some noise on the porch and went outside to check. There are no raccoons, deer, or other animals like that around here. But this horse came to visit.”

“Our dinner guest on the patio in Colorado Springs”

“This is Jimmy. I don’t know his real name. He comes to my place, screams at my door, I let him in, and feed him. Then, he jumps on my chair to take a nap for a few hours and then leaves in silence.”

“A hedgehog came and scared my cats. Now he’s eating.”

“So I think we’re done with the bird feeder until next winter...”

“A surprise guest showed up when our wedding photographer took this picture of my wife’s ring”

“I saw an abandoned doghouse and saw tracks leading to it. When we decided to check, we found this.”

“So we were eating dinner when an unexpected guest showed up at our screen door.”

“He came to the terrace and couldn’t find a way out. We decided to give him some milk. He drank 2 bowls.”

“I woke up to a squeaking sound, I went outside to check, and I found this thing, yelling.”

“This cat canceled our lesson today.”

“Snuck into our office and didn’t change colors...”

“Found him on the balcony this morning. Let him in. He started walking around the table and lying down on everything. Then, he yawned and decided to take a nap.”

“2 feral cats snuck into our guest bedroom and had 11 kittens.”

“My wife and I with some of our uninvited, but very welcome, wedding guests...”

“I was surprised by an unexpected guest on my flight.”

“A stray cat has been coming around since we keep a food bowl on our back porch. Today, she brought some guests with her...”

In case you didn’t know what a baby praying mantis looks like, here is a photo.

Have you ever been surprised by uninvited guests? Tell us your stories or share some pictures!

Preview photo credit KotEcholot / Pikabu


When my kids were little we had a gecko and 13 cats. Started as 4 cats but 2 got pregnant.We lived in a house in our main city and I would keep my back door open so the cats could play outside in the yard. We kept their food bowls by the back door or out on the back porch. A mama raccoon that was bigger then any of my cats noticed this. This huge ass mama left and got all her kids and came back. I was worried about my cats but I was worried about the wrong thing lol Mama would bring the littles and they would eat the cat food. I also kept my garbage on the back step so I was grateful they didn't tear that up but my cats weren't overly impressed with losing their bowl of food. One of my cats musta made a deal with that Mama because after that first day they came back every day and when they were halfway through the bowl of food A.J would go sit next to them. He wouldn't meow or swat at them,just sit there. That was all it took. Mama would round up the babes and off they'd go till the next day. I loved it. It scared the crap out of my mother though when she was visiting one night and the back door was open behind her. Next thing she knew she was surrounded by raccoons lol

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