20 Unique Animals Who Are Easy to Fall in Love With at First Sight

3 years ago

Sometimes mixing breeds and genetic mutations can become an animal’s business card and make them stand out. Thanks to these peculiarities, they manage to attract everyone’s attention and that’s the reason they’ve become internet celebrities.

We at Bright Side think that these peculiar animals can make you forget about any stereotypes and win your heart.

1. Magical eye colors

2. A cat breed with unusual ears, the American Curl

3. An eternal kitten, Lil Bub was born toothless, which is why her tongue is always hanging out.

4. “My sister rescued this baby girl and gave her new ears.”

5. An albino raccoon

6. Roux was born without front paws due to a genetic mutation.

7. “Brought home this bear from the shelter...”

8. A cat with the look of an old man

9. A German Shepherd and Siberian Husky mix

10. “We took this little guy in. He’s been a stray in the neighborhood for some time and looks like a Munchkin. Fortunately, he isn’t that breed. He has dwarfism.”

11. “Our new 12-week old Italian Greyhound puppy has bent ears and the best smile in the world!”

12. This blind cat named Soren has amazing eyes.

13. No Photoshop, just amazingly beautiful eyes...

14. Richard is one of the most famous cats with heterochromia.

15. Olive the cross-eyed kitty

16. Rhea is a featherless parrot.

17. Puppy with marble eyes

18. Nala, a Siamese and Tabby mix, has become one of the most charismatic cats on Instagram.

19. Venus the Two Face Cat

20. A 14-year-old lab with vitiligo

Have you ever seen unusual animals? Maybe you are the happy owner of an animal like this? We would love it if you’d share your pet’s photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit birds_of_india_ / instagram


It's really cute, but I hope this peculiarities will not affect animal's health.
pets make u feel relax whenever u are stressed or depressed
love them❤️
My cat have half of his face paralyzed so one of his ear is always in the same position on his head, his right eye always open and one of his teeth is always showing but he is the most beautiful and amazing cat!!!
I wonder, if the eyes of this blind cat called Simon are always colorful like this, or is it just the light reflection and usually they are grey.

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