20+ Unique Pallet Ideas That Can Save Your Budget and the Planet

5 years ago

A little imagination and hard work can help you transform something simple or forgotten into something beautiful. Let’s take pallets for an example; they are normally wooden structures used to help lift and move goods. However, you can put a used pallet to other uses, like to help around the house — especially if you repurpose the wood. Better yet, reusing these materials can help you save the planet.

We at Bright Side applaud creativity, the desire to help the earth, and a can-do DIY spirit, so we’re sharing some of the most unique ways people have transformed used pallets.

1. A pallet can be made into a nifty beehive; it already comes with plenty of spaces.

2. A simple pallet can help add structure to your driveway.

3. Here are simple gardening tables made to withstand the outdoors.

4. The wood can be put to use as a miniature hardwood floor, like in this van.

5. Here’s a tree swing big enough for you to enjoy with a buddy.

6. The wood can also be used to make a classic sliding barn door.

7. With a few alterations, you can have yourself an artisanal, multipurpose shelf unit.

8. Here’s a mini skate ramp that can fit in your own backyard.

9. With enough material, you can even make a bedroom wall complete with a nifty tag.

10. A garden shed can be your home away from home.

11. Pallets were made to help move things which is why making one into a mobile table makes total sense.

12. This wooden grill table will be the belle of the barbeque.

13. An outdoor leisure bench just needs a few pillows.

14. With a soda fountain like this, you can open your own restaurant.

15. A Japanese-style platform bed like this is perfect for indulgent sleep.

16. When you make your coffee table, you can decide how important it is to use coasters.

17. The best part of making your own bed is you get to lie down when you finish...as long as you remember the mattress.

18. A trash can has never looked so good.

19. Your dog will appreciate having its own bed that’s just its size.

20. Pallets can help give you the world...if you use one to make a map like this.

21. When reusing old wood, using it to bring back life really gives thanks back to the earth, like with this hanging garden.

22. These benches also double as a planter.

23. Kids can have their own little world with this playhouse.

24. This gate is sturdy but welcoming with its open spaces.

Bonus: When you run out of making things for your house, you can always just make an emergency house.

When it comes to what you can make, your only limit is your imagination. Do you have any ideas on what you can make out of a used pallet or any piece of old wood? Let us know!

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I actually love the ideas for tables! They cool really cool and stylish.
The only 1 thing.. I don't have pallets ?


I really like such "reuse-recycle" ideas! We have a lot of pellets at home. I will show this article to my dad, maybe we can create something too :p


The bedroom wall design looks really cozy! I like the idea.


My granny uses them for many things, she has made sweet benches for her garden, and long flower pots.
They look awesome, and can be colored in anything you want :)


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