20+ Wacky Felines Who Failed at Being Cats

4 years ago

Cats have been one of mankind’s closest allies over the years and we’ve learned a lot from them. Sometimes, you have to wonder what cats have learned from us. After all, we occasionally see a cat who thinks they could be a person.

Bright Side has collected images of some of the silliest cats, who haven’t quite mastered being a cat yet. Don’t forget to check out our bonus, that shows some cats are better off being a little different.

1. Pay no attention to us humans.

2. “Please turn on the hot water for me?”

3. Did you think that you’d be leaving sometime soon?

4. There’s always time for a wink.

5. Hang paw, little buddy.

6. “At this time, the board recognizes Mr. Cuddles...”

7. Somebody needs to learn to share the blanket.

8. “How many cats does it take to change a light bulb?!”

9. Looking for those coupons for tuna...

10. “Yup. There’s your problem!”

11. “Is somebody going to pass the food or do I have to get snippy?”

12. Somebody’s been sleeping in my bed...

13. “We need to pick-up some more catnip!”

14. We all need a little buddy, now and again.

15. Friends always have time for a hug.

16. Pass the chicken. Now.

17. “If nobody else is going to help with the cleaning... that’s fine.”

18. Can you even tell the difference?

19. This is the Ron Swanson of cats.

20. Time to strike a pose!

21. Sitting on the dock of the bay...

22. A new offer has been put on the table...no, literally.

23. We all have different ways of saving face.

24. Now you just know he’s “one of the guys.”

25. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Bonus: Sometimes, being different is a good thing. It can help you make new friends.

Do you know any cats who haven’t figured out the whole “being a cat” thing? Let us know!


18. I heard owners and theirs pets somehow always look alike, was it true? :)

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