20 Warm Photos of True Love That Prove If You Take Care of Things, They Last

5 years ago

Each year around 2.3 million couples in the USA promise each other "to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." But not all of them know that love is not just butterflies and passion. It actually requires a lot of hard work and patience to help this unique bond thrive. But we believe that it's worth the effort, just take a look at the tender photos below.

Bright Side found 20 photos proving that the joy in your heart will never fade if you find a way to make it last.

1. They are just as elegant as they used to be.

2. It is so awesome to see 2 people who’ve managed to maintain happiness through so many years.

3. They look like they’re living a wonderful life.

4. There is so much joy in our hearts right now.

5. This couple has barely changed.

6. Can you imagine living together for 70 years? That’s a whole life!

7. They have so much spirit and vigor, even more than some younger people have.

8. We wish all couples could age so gracefully.

9. “My parents are still laughing together after all these years.”

10. “My parents renewed their vows. Same clothes, same ring, same minister, 40 years later.”

11. The Stanley Cup seems to be the fountain of love.

12. The same couple rides the same bike after 50 years of marriage.

13. Here is a great-looking love story that is still going strong 64 years later.

14. This couple on the Woodstock album cover is still rocking.

15. These stories make us believe that true love exists.

16. 50 years of marriage is an amazing accomplishment!

17. “My grandmother is in the hospital, but it’s their 57th anniversary, so he showed up in a tux to surprise her with flowers.”

18. Is it really possible to keep that spark in their eyes for their whole life?

19. We want to have these photos too.

20. We can’t hold back our tears. This photo is so sweet.

Do you think it’s possible to continue to have these feelings through our whole life? What do we need to do to make that spark last?

Preview photo credit mattkruse / Reddit


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Well, to make "the spark" last you need to deeply respect the person you are with, know how to find a compromise and be a little bit crazy :p


I admire these people. Relationship is a hard work, and they have nailed it perfectly!


It's crazy to believe that something like this exists, but they have proven it! ?


Thanks to the author for sharing this impressive blog. Really glad to read this article. This site has lots of information and it is useful for us.


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