21 Adopted Animals That Prove Having a New Loving Family Can Change Your Face

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Responsible adoption is one of those win-win situations. A furry little animal that was homeless, perhaps in a shelter with some complications, can capture the hearts of people who, for some reason, feel that this little animal should leave the place with them. When that happens, all faces, both human and animal, are filled with an obvious glow that speaks for itself.

Bright Side is filled with hope, knowing that many people adopt pets and give them all their love. It’s amazing to see the faces of these lucky animals, so we put together the following compilation just for you.

1. “I’ve always been called a cat-person, but I recently decided to adopt a puppy and I think he’s pretty happy about it.”

2. “Just adopted this lil’ guy.”

3. “Took my 11-year-old Corgi for her first Halloween since adopting her in February 2020. Safe to say she loved it.”

4. “Just adopted this sweet old girl.”

5. A good name for this fella would be Chewy.

6. “Just got home from adopting this guy!”

7. “Hi, my name is Clover, and I adopted my people today!”

8. “This is my new friend, Harvey! Took this just minutes after adopting him!”

9. “Our foster puppy when we told her we were adopting her”

10. Eyes, boy, eyes never lie.

11. “Just adopted this stray kitty.”

12. “I wasn’t planning on adopting a kitten, but this one stole my heart.”

13. Their eyes are full of hope.

14. His face says, “I will be your friend forever.”

15. “I came home and my dad adopted a dog.”

16. “Happy to be adopted!”

17. “Adopted a dog they were gonna put to sleep — took him to get groomed and got a sandwich. Now we’re here.”

18. “My adopted girl”

“She snores so loud she needs to sleep in a separate room at night. She burps and throws up when she’s too excited. But she is the happiest, most loving creature I’ve ever had in my life.”

19. “I adopted Ham 2 months ago, and today he sat on my lap for the first time!”

20. “I was sobbing while petting him through a small hole in his pen. He’s underweight and shy, he’s made life so worth it.”

21. “Adopted an older kitty who had been returned to the shelter a few times. I think we’ve bonded!”

How did your pet come into your life? What did it bring to your life?

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