21 Animals That Behave Just Like People, and It’s So Funny It Hurts

5 years ago

Children look at adults and imitate their behavior. But animals also notice people’s actions and adopt some of their traits. For example, a cat depicted in this article observes traffic laws and there’s also a dog that likes to sleep by covering himself with a blanket. What’s more, is animals can experience human beings’ emotions like thankfulness, empathy, and excitement.

Bright Side believes that our 4-legged friends also have feelings! Look through this article to make sure we’re right.

21. This cat is worried about her friend at the vet.

20. A sheep shows gratitude to a dog after saving them from a wolf attack.

19. This dog lives in the streets and comes to people to get fed.

18. Everyone needs cuddles.

17. He was tired of waiting for his owners near the store and decided to come in. But he wasn’t let in so he had to come back and wait.

16. A big doggo protecting its little sister

15. Dressed by its granny

14. “I’m terribly sorry, madam. I have absolutely no idea where he learned that word.”

13. Absolutely astounded

12. Learning

11. Healthy sleep

10. Observing traffic laws

9. Getting a good massage

8. “Punch him!”

7. Family

6. Little drummer

5. Family dinner

4. This dog works at Pets at Home.

3. Shopping is really important.

2. When you’re really excited by art:

1. “There’s a dog wearing a hat and eating. Everyone’s just pretending like it’s no big deal.”

It’s great that animals imitate only good people’s habits. Does your pet behave like a human being from time to time? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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