20 Born Geniuses Who Spontaneously Saved the Day

2 months ago

When something breaks, most people toss it in the trash. However, there are those few creative people out there who ingeniously believe that everything can be easily fixed and reused with whatever their home has to offer. Aiming to make life at home easier, these problem solvers have clearly taken repairs to another level.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve selected some of the best examples of regular people’s projects that make you want to try their not-so-regular inventions at home.

1. And you’ll never run out of toilet paper again...

2. “Sweeping the floor the fun way!”

3. When you wake up last minute and can’t find your archery case:

4. When you’re renovating but cash is limited:

5. And then we had the quietest drive home.

6. An old boot as a birdhouse

7. If you’re going to go faster, there’s a way to do it.

8. “My 9-year-old cousin’s invention — I think he did well.”

9. In case Jaguar is looking for a new designer, here’s a potential candidate.

10. “Sushi delivery forgot to bring me chopsticks, so...”

11. To be honest, car seats are way more comfortable than regular office chairs.

12. Cooking level: college student

13. This little guy was escaping through the spaces in the fence. Not any more...

14. “Dropped my wine glass earlier. My wife won’t suspect a thing.”

15. Good as new!

16. When you’re a fashion designer at heart:

17. “As a coffee addict, I approve.”

18. “Our couch at the firehouse broke. We fixed it.”

19. “My dad’s solution when his iron stopped working”

20. Who doesn’t get creative with Legos?

These people are living proof that thinking outside the box can save the day. Which inventions wowed you the most? Leave us a comment in the section below and remember that the possibilities of making something like new are endless!

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icant believe that pic number 8 is a 9 years old child invention!!! maybe you forget the 1 beside the 9!??

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