21 Dads Who Acted Truly Unexpectedly

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3 years ago

Being a dad is not only being a good example and support to your family, it's also very important to become a true friend to your children. The heroes of this selection are not afraid of this responsibility and treat it with as much humor as possible.

Bright Side put together the best examples of what being "brought-up" by our fathers really means. Let's spend this time smiling.

21. Being a dad is a heavy burden and responsibility.

20. It's really hard to be a father of 2 girls.

19. Chris Hemsworth is great, and not just as Thor.

18. "My father doesn't usually send me packages, but this is what I recently received."

17. "My daughter wanted to be the little mermaid, so I didn't have any other choice."

16. When dad went a little bit too far...

15. Shopping with dad is always a funny and unforgettable adventure.

14. A real superman is a superman at home.

13. "As the father of 2 sets of twins, I think this is the first in a long line of awkward family photos."

12. A real life example is always the best.

11. Safety is the first priority.

10. Now, this is a whole new level of shopping!

9. They had sex education lessons in high school. My daughter took me by surprise with her questions, like,

'Dad, do you use condoms?'


'Then why do you have so many children?'

8. "Week one of fatherhood. It seems we are getting used to how to co-exist with each other."

7. The father-son Nerf project is complete.

6. A good father knows how to entertain his children.

5. Let's have some fun!

4. He knows for sure what responsibility is.

3. Every father is always full of ideas.

2. Nails are polished, now it's time for a hair-do.

1. It was a wonderful picnic!

Bonus: Everything you need to know about fatherhood is that sooner or later you'll have to become your kid's favorite cartoon character.

Do you have photos of hilarious fathers? Share them in the comments below. Let's have fun together.

Preview photo credit pr0gramm.com, twitter / Julietaa


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