21 Kind Photos That Are Like the Brightest Light in the Darkest Night

4 years ago

Given the state of our daily news, sometimes it’s hard to believe that we live surrounded by kindness. A compliment here, a helping hand for a stranger there. Some gestures are smaller and more discrete than others, but they’re all able to completely change our moods for the better.

Bright Side put together a few photos that capture people’s generosity and compassion. We want to shine a light on these acts of kindness that have the power to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

1. “Before and after I sign ’good boy’ to my deaf dog.”

2. Anyone who cares this much about an animal at such a young age, will surely grow up to be a remarkable person.

3. “My daughter is volunteering at our local shelter, helping feed the puppies. She was overpowered by adorableness.”

4. He love potato, so he hug potato.

5. Why not make an angel shine even brighter? Congratulations to this cancer-free good girl!

6. A teeny tiny pancake for Tango coming right up!

7. One of the best moment as a parent, seeing your kids graduate

8. Sometimes all you really need is a friend to lift you up when times are tough.

9. It doesn’t take much to spread joy, so don’t hold back!

10. “This little pupper asleep with his old man on a park bench is what smiles are made of.”

11. If true love was an image, this would be it.

12. Still a kid, but already a wonderful human being!

13. A trucking company that values their workers above all.

14. An unexpected friendship blossoming in an unusual place.

15. “A fast food employee saw an old man having difficulty eating and went above and beyond the expected customer service by spoon-feeding him.”

16. Australian soccer player, Tim Cahill, showing genuine care for the little girl who walked with him to the field.

17. A simple, yet beautiful gesture that deserves all the praise.

18. “They brought Rojo, the therapy Llama, to my dad’s rehab today. He eats carrots out of people’s mouths.”

19. Even with very few possessions, a homeless man tries to make sure his pets are protected from the rain.

20. “Came up on these 2 ladies on the bike path today. The left one just held on while the other kept cruising.”

21. “As I was saying goodbye, my dog did this...”

Have you personally witnessed any acts of kindness that would turn anyone’s frown upside down? If so, tell us what happened in the comments. And if there’s a photo, you know we want to see it!

Preview photo credit wakeuptomorrow / Reddit


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Thanks to people like in #15 and 17, this world keeps being a nice place ? thank you guys!


number 9 really shows you that people can be nice to others :)


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