21 Old-School Cooking Utensils That Stood the Test of Time

3 years ago

Vintage kitchen utensils have become collector’s items that many people want to own nowadays. There are even stores that sell them to their most loyal collectors and nostalgic-lovers for thousands of dollars. However, despite the fact that they were built many years ago and have been passed down from generation to generation, this kitchenware is of such good quality, that it still remains useful. In fact, a family’s daily life sometimes revolves around these objects that have special sentimental value.

That’s why Bright Side decided to make a compilation of pictures that Reddit users posted to show some of these beautiful objects that are still working like new, even after decades of use.

1. “This vintage egg scale I found in my grandmother’s basement”

2. “My great-grandmother’s vintage oven”

3. “This vintage sugar bowl with tongs built in the lid”

4. “A 1950s whisk I picked up last week — I’m in love with it.”

5. “A mini cast iron potbelly stove that was used by door-to-door salesmen during demos. We used it to make coffee after a few power outages after hurricanes.”

6. “This is Italian and it still works. It’s a vintage coffee grinder, I have a collection.”

7. “My grandmother’s kitchen scale”

8. “My friend’s Monarch range”

9. “We found this old coffee maker that my parents got when they got married 39 years ago.”

10. “My in-laws’ daily-use microwave: a Sharp High Cooker R-450”

11. “My grandmother’s old Sunbeam mixer — my mom still uses it.”

12. “Vintage goodies from my kitchen”

13. “All the oven doors you’d ever need...and then an oven!”

14. “Finally reacquired the popcorn popper of my youth.”

15. “One of the reasons we purchased our home is this beauty. The Tappan Fabulous 400 debutante model (1959-1960)!”

16. “Found this cool fridge at an estate sale today, and it even has the tag it sold for in 1953!”

17. “Just bought a home that came with this gorgeous Chambers stove. I have no idea how to use/care for it, but I’m excited to learn.”

18. Time to show off the Revere Ware collection!"

19. “Here’s my baby when I first got her 6 years ago!”

20. “My realtor took me to look at a late 1800s home that featured this Frigidaire beauty. The top selling point, in my opinion!”

21. “A vintage shopping list — not mine, but I wish it was!”

What objects from the present would you like to still have a couple of decades from now? And which ones do you think will still be working? Which ones are you sure won’t work anymore?

Preview photo credit Wathentic / Reddit, Larirari / Imgur


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21 is really cool, useless today because we have phones but this is great to see that even back in the day people thought about renewability


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