10 People Who Are a Shoo-In for the “Most Creative” Award

month ago

Usually, there are creativity awards given out for design, advertising or literary fields, but after seeing this collection, we are ready to give out a “Creative Life Award”.

“Pretty cool motivational gym shirt idea”

“Why aren’t these in every school?”

“This restaurant toilet has a sink on top to wash your hands with fresh water when you flush, saving you money and water!”

Instructions about the dog for party guests

“I wonder how he got the outline without exposing the secret.”

A creative painting on barrier bars

The guys who deliver Pepsi products to my local store decided to get creative.

At least this Metallica fanboy is creative!

“My nephew meeting my niece. We can’t stop smiling!”

This fire extinguisher that works as an actual functioning globe

Some people mixed creativity with productivity and found easy solutions to daily problems. Check them out here.

Preview photo credit ShadowBun / Imgur


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