21 People Who Changed Themselves Without Plastic Surgery

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Sometimes we just need some inspiration to change beyond recognition. Looking at people who managed to get in shape and transform their appearance into something completely remarkable makes us want to achieve the same amazing results.

Bright Side collected the most incredible transformations that will inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

21. Barbers are actually wizards.

20. “My skin care progress since May.”

19. “Yesterday I decided to clean up my 2-year-old beard!”

18. “I shaved my head for a community cancer event.”

17. “88 lb weight loss. I feel just great.”

16. Hard work really makes a difference.

15. “17 vs. 23. No one calls me Bieber anymore.”

14. “I lost 234 lb in one year without surgery or pills.”

13. From obesity to bodybuilding in 2 years.

12. “My dad used to call me ugly Betty, and I took it as a compliment.”

11. “Lost 110 lb in 18 months after a rugby injury, started rowing for my university, and got my MSc in mathematics.”

10. “17 to 22. My hair doesn’t look like a bad wig anymore.”

9. “My friend from high school with an amazing transformation. 16 to 28.”

8. " I grew up quite a bit from 17 to 21."

7. “I cut my hair today. Feels fresh.”

6. “More than half my size: I lost 100 lb in 400+ days.”

5. “I had long and very thin hair. Decided to get a buzz cut.”

4. “I’m so in love with this color!”

3. “2 years, 11 months, and 20 days of braces. Worth every second.”

2. Beard trimming is also important.

1. “My 2017-2018 weight gain transformation.”

Do you know any other inspiring transformations?

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