22 Amazing Artists Who Can Make Our Jaws Hit the Floor

3 years ago

Many people are disappointed with modern art: they believe that the popular events of today are incomparable to the quality of art from the past. But great art is still made today and we’re prepared to prove this sentiment wrong.

Bright Side has collected modern paintings and sculptures that break all possible laws.

It’s hard to believe that it’s a painting!

A beautiful mural

The long hours of work were worth it.

A crumbling diver

Diving into music

A genius reflection

A whale statue

The smallest details

A painting that smells like wine

It looks like a window.

Fragile art

Piano lessons

A Starry Night made of paper clips

This artist fits his paintings into a small notebook...

...and draws famous sculptures.

We so want to touch him!

Opening the night

Weird but fascinating art

Fantastic beauty

Someone stole the spots!

Delicious nature

The face of nature

Have you ever been fascinated by modern art? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit the_hula / instagram


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