22 Celebs Whose Outfits Were Inspired by the Royals and We Love Them Both Ways

7 months ago

The members of the royal families are a source of inspiration not only for us but for celebrities as well. We discovered many outfits worn over the years by princesses and after being reinterpreted by other superstars, in various ways. Their twinning style was a delight for us, so grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and start scrolling down.

Bright Side collected 20 outfits for you that made us rub our eyes and think to ourselves “Who wore it best?”

1. Princess Diana vs Marisa Tomei

Princess Diana caught everybody’s attention when she wore this red and purple evening dress from Catherine Walker in June 1988. Marisa Tomei chose a very similar combination of colors for her appearance at the 71st Emmy Awards in 2019.

2. Princess Diana vs Brie Larson

2 movie premieres, 30 years difference, similar outfits. Princess Diana chose to wear this sparkly dress in London, in 1989, and actress Brie Larson recreated a shining ensemble, very close to the one worn by Lady Di, in 2019, in New York.

3. Kate Middleton vs Sienna Miller

In October 2015, the Duchess of Cambridge chose this floral printed garment for a gala. One day later, Sienna Miller went to the premiere of her movie Burnt wearing a kindred dress.

4. Meghan Markle vs Cariad Lloyd

At an Invictus Game reception in April 2018, Meghan Markle wore a green-printed dress, covering her shoulders with a black jacket. The next day, the same dress was worn shoulder-free by actress Cariad Lloyd at the British Academy Television Awards.

5. Princess Diana vs Dakota Fanning

The white dress that Dakota Fanning wore at an event in New York City in 2018 reminded us of this Versace white dress that Princess Diana wore for a concert in Italy, in 1995.

6. Queen Elizabeth vs Blake Lively

Queen Elizabeth wore this neon coat at a garden party in 2018. A few months later, actress Blake Lively was seen in New York wearing the same hypnotizing color in a set.

7. Princess Mary of Denmark vs Sarah Paulson

Princess Mary of Denmark wore this elegant blue sparkly gown on the red carpet at the Bambi Awards, in 2014, in Berlin. One year later, Sarah Paulson attended the Emmy Awards in a very similar dress, rocking the red carpet too.

8. Princess Charlene of Monaco vs Tina Fey

Princess Charlene of Monaco wore this purple Ralph Lauren gown in 2013. Tina Fey participated at the Oscars, in 2016, wearing a very similar model.

9. Princess Diana vs Lady Kitty Spencer

The famous Christina Stambolian black dress that Princess Diana wore in June 1994 inspired — years later — her own niece. Lady Kitty Spencer dressed similarly at a charity event in London, in 2017.

10. Kate Middleton vs Drew Barrymore

On April 14, 2016, Kate Middleton wore this floral Tory Burch gown for an official dinner in Bhutan. Just a few hours later, Drew Barrymore attended an event in New York wearing the same dress.

11. Meghan Markle vs Amanda Peet

During her royal visit to Morocco, in 2019, Meghan Markle wore this blue long dress. A few months later, in New York, Amanda Peet wore the same gown at the premiere of Game of Thrones.

12. Princess Diana vs Lili Reinhart

Lady Diana wore a silver dress at a James Bond movie premiere in 1985. In 2018, actress Lili Reinhart also wore a silver dress, and, although it is short, not long, the gown does channel the same look.

13. Kate Middleton vs Serena Williams

In 2017, the Duchess of Cambridge wore this nude-colored dress, combined with a statement hat. Serena Williams was seen wearing a very similar ensemble at Meghan and Harry’s wedding in 2018.

14. Meghan Markle vs Victoria Beckham

Meghan Markle wore this white dress for Commonwealth Day in March 2019. She paired it with a white blazer and a white hat. Later that year, in June, Victoria Beckham wore the same model for a wedding in Spain, but she preferred to keep it simple.

15. Princess Diana vs Jennifer Aniston

The long black gown that Jennifer Aniston wore at the Golden Globe Awards in January 2020 recalled our memories of Princess Diana’s elegant dress when she announced her engagement to Prince Charles, in 1981.

16. Kate Middleton vs Melanie Griffith

At the beginning of July 2016, the Duchess of Cambridge displayed this white off-the-shoulder midi-dress, designed by Barbara Casasola. At the end of July, Melanie Griffith appeared at an event, in Beverly Hills, in a similar gown, but in black.

17. Princess Diana vs Emily Ratajkowski

In 1996, Lady Diana attended a reception in London wearing a blue jacket with white lines. Emily Ratajkowski was seen in 2018 wearing this exact look (almost).

18. Kate Middleton vs Angelina Jolie

In 2015, at the end of October, Kate Middleton wore this light blue chiffon gown, at the Spectre movie premiere in London. Just a few days after, at the beginning of November 2015, Angelina Jolie attended her By The Sea movie premiere wearing a similar gown.

19. Princess Diana vs Zoë Kravitz

In 1991, the Princess of Wales wore an elegant strappy black dress at a movie premiere. In 2016, Zoë Kravitz wore a black dress that reminded us of this Lady Di moment.

20. Kate Middleton vs Rita Ora

The Duchess of Cambridge has revived headbands, a basic accessory before, but now even celebrities have started wearing them, like Rita Ora at the Fashion Awards in 2018.

21. Princess Diana vs Priyanka Chopra

Princess Diana opted for a light blue gown for the Cannes Film Festival, in 1987. And it was one of the chicest of her looks. Many years later, also for the Cannes Film Festival, Priyanka Chopra reinterpreted the look, with the same neck strap, but in white.

22. Princess Diana vs Mandy Moore

In 1989, Princess of Wales had a royal visit to Kuwait and wore this Catherine Walker dress. 30 years later, Mandy Moore wore a similar red and pink dress at the 71st Emmy Awards ceremony.

Which of the styles made you do a double-take because of all the similarities? Share with us in the comment section.

Angelina Jolie’s deep bond with her late mother, Marcheline, significantly influenced her. Marcheline’s dedication to her children, despite her tumultuous marriage to Jon Voight, left a lasting impact on Jolie, shaping her own approach to motherhood.


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My double takes were when they were the exact dress by the exact designer. I do think wearing the same solid color in strapless isn’t exactly inspiration, this is how strapless evening gowns look. Even off the shoulder are not directly inspired as these are traditional dress styles. I do see inspiration when unique color combinations occur, like the pink on top red on bottom. Despite being close in color, we don’t really see a lot of that on red carpets. We see a lot of monochromatic but not strikingly different shades of the same color like we did in the 80s/90s anymore. We do that in everyday clothes but I personally haven’t seen it as often in evening gowns. Almost wore a lovely 80s black and white color blocked prom dress in the early 2000s that was my cousin’s and I chickened out. I believe I went for something in an earlier era style that didn’t steal the show like her dress would have. I missed an opportunity for some extra gorgeous photos and dress no one else at my school would have! I think the elegant styles started in maybe the 30s, perhaps more 40s have stayed timeless in evening gowns. Prom goers, you CANNOT go wrong with an elegant off the shoulder or sweetheart neckline in any color really. Lovely necklines can also let your earrings or bracelet steal the show instead of needing the perfect necklace. That’s harder with some of the neckline options. Oh, I just love dreamy evening gowns! You could even watch some old movies to see some glamorous shapes and necklines.


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