20+ Heartwarming Photos That Prove Time Goes Way Too Fast

10 months ago

Times passes gradually and always at the same speed and we often don’t even notice it. Because no matter how many candles we have on the birthday cake, we still remain the same people. And the aging of people and things around us happens in such a hard-to-detect way that our eyes rarely see any difference. But sometimes it happens that the months and years we’ve lived amaze us when we pause to take a look at the changes.

Bright Side has searched tons of family photos and archives looking for the same theme throughout — the passage of time.

1. 101 years and 5 generations apart

2. 4 generations left to right: ages 20, 48, 85, and 103

3. “I planted this tree 23 years ago, the same week my daughter was born, she graduates this week with a Master’s degree. They’ve both grown beautiful and strong.”

4. “My Dad’s 30 year old boots, next to my brand new pair.”

5. “She finally grew into it.”

6. “So I was in my backyard playing catch with the dogs and came across something popping out of the ground. I dug it up and realized it was a time capsule I made when I was about 7 or 8. I decided to open it up and found this little guy inside! He’s been in his time capsule, in the ground for over 25 years. Welcome to 2018 buddy!”

7. When you can no longer fit into your own clothes:

8. All Nintendo generations in one photo

9. This pilot found out that the OH58 Kiowa helicopter he’d been flying was the very same aircraft which made him want to become an army pilot in the first place.

10. 300-year-old hedge

11. “1 year ago my dog had a litter of puppies. This weekend some of them came back for their 1st birthday party!”

12. 2 generations of Barney

13. “I’m the guy who proposed with the ring around a puppy’s collar a couple years ago. Some of you asked for an updated picture, here we are on our anniversary yesterday.”

14. This calculator is so old that they were still experimenting with how the digits should be displayed... And yes, that is actually how the zero looks.

15. For most people, seeing their great-great-grandchild is a time-travel fantasy. But not for this family.

16. Desk through the years

17. “My dad and I had the chance to take a trip we had taken once, 15 years ago. Decided to recreate this photo as a tribute.”

18. “I found a child’s time capsule while digging in my yard.”

19. This stop sign is so old that it has turned white.

20. This tree is so old that it now supports the balcony above it.

21. A few years makes a big difference...

Which of these photos, in your opinion, depicts the passing of time the best? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit yummie4mytummie / Reddit, imgur


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