22 Illustrations That Perfectly Depict the Journey of a Young Girl Into Motherhood

2 years ago

The journey of a young girl evolving into a mother is full of feelings, strength, and love. Behind the name “Doodle Shoodle” is Shweta Singh, an artist from India who has created illustrations portraying each stage in the life of a young girl. Through them, she tells of the experiences of a girl turning into a mother. And even more interesting is the fact that these illustrations depict the bond Singh shares with her own mother.

We, at Bright Side, are sure that all of you mothers and mothers-to-be out there will be able to relate to these creative illustrations from Singh. So sit back, scroll, and enjoy these illustrations.

1. Eagerly anticipated and wanted by her mother, the angel came to life as a baby girl.

2. The baby girl’s innocence and curiosity opened the new doors of life.

3. Her curiosity led her to discover a newfound liking for plants and animals.

4. As the toddler slept she never stopped smiling, as she enjoyed the company of her new pet.

5. She left the comfort of her mother’s house to experience the adventures of life.

6. With wisdom and understanding, she entered the phase of womanhood.

7. The young girl’s evenings were well spent with her all-time buddy.

8. On a lazy weekend, she could be found chilling and enjoying her own sweet time with her favorites (her buddy and a book).

9. Relaxed and rejuvenated, she was found having a great time on her beach vacation.

10. She sat quietly reading her book, as she prepared herself for new beginnings.

11. And one day, she met a new friend.

12. With time, her friend turned into her life partner.

13. Her relationship progressed, as she turned into a wife.

14. And there she stood, as she announced the coming of a little munchkin, unlocking a new milestone of her life.

15. Sitting by the window, she enjoyed a cup of coffee with her baby in her womb.

16. Coming full circle, she became a mother and experienced the first touch of her child.

17. The young woman is seen comforting her baby girl, who is all set to go to school for the first time.

18. This young woman is no less than a ’Super-Mom’ for her child as she breaks all the shackles that get in her way.

19. The fondest memory of a mother and child. Showering her with love through amazingly cooked delicacies.

20. Her unending love, care, and warmth is the best medicine for her child.

21. She turned into a friend/companion for her grown-up girl with whom she can watch movies together.

22. The never-ending friendship of a mother with her child turns into a secret-keeper, a comforter, a motivator, umm.. everything.

Mothers, could you relate to these illustrations? Which stage of your life do you miss the most?

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