22 Moving Photos About Simple Joys That Spread a Storm of Feelings

4 years ago

Everyone agrees that pleasant emotions have a positive effect on us and our lives. And we don’t really need to do much to experience them. Sometimes, all we need is to see our best friend or to make a simple dream of ours come true.

Bright Side really got into these people’s emotions and wants you to experience them too.

“My boy and his best friend”

“It’s not always easy being a single dad, but sometimes I get to experience some things that other dads might not.”

“My grandad a couple of weeks ago on his 95th birthday”

“Best. Kiss. Cam. Ever”

“My friend and I randomly decided to go to Disneyland. We took funny photos on every ride we could. This is my favorite.”

“From near homelessness and bankruptcy to the closing on our first house.”

“My best friend surprised me at a music festival recently after a long time apart. This is true happiness.”

“My grandma beat breast cancer and has been taking part in running marathons ever since.”

“My friend’s brother proposed today, and this is a frame from the video I got. She said yes!”

“I love being creative, so here is me happily showing my recent creation.”

“I have chronic anxiety and depression, but for one whole moment these guys made me forget my woes.”

“My little one turned one yesterday. I think she enjoyed the cake.”

“My uncle pretended to be a random hitchhiker to surprise his mom for her birthday (she thought he was in another state). This is the moment he revealed himself.”

“I became a dad today and I couldn’t be happier.”

“Son falls to his knees in tears after being surprised by his Mom who he hasn’t seen in over a decade.”

“I ran my first race today! It was a 6.5 km and I did it in 44:27! I trained for 2 months (and lost nearly 3 sizes), having never been a runner before. I’m so proud of myself!”

When a polar bear wants to enter your house and you don’t know how you feel about it:

Overly excited baby at a hockey game

“I told her that her eyes were closed.”

“I gave this local homeless musician, who was borrowing guitars to busk on the street, my old first acoustic guitar after upgrading. He’s so happy now that he can play whenever he wants and I honestly hope I made a difference in my community.”

This hockey player gave a girl a puck and suggested taking a picture.

This is her dream coming true:

When in your life were you the happiest person in the world?


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I always enjoy looking at photo of old people, where their kids give them presents and have fun with them. Makes me realize how important the family is! :)


Made me smile :)
My first time when I was the happiest, was in my childhood, when I got my first hamster!


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