22 People Who Were Caught off Guard by Unusual Things

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Life is full of twists and turns that often lead to unplanned encounters, surprising situations, and weird discoveries. And thanks to modern technology, we can easily snap a picture of those situations to keep them fresh in our memory and share them with the world. We picked 22 pics where people captured some truly unexpected moments that spiced up their day.

1. ’’Went on a Disney cruise and was asked what I wanted for dessert. I said ’nothing’ and got this.’’

2. ’’This mold on my pumpkin looks exactly like a beard!’’

3. ’’There’s a place where you can do yoga with goats!! I had a blast.’’

4. ’’I bought an old leather jacket from a thrift store and found this in the pocket.’’

5. ’’Found this little trash heart in my work dumpster this morning.’’

6. ’’I saw somebody walking a llama at the beach the other day.’’

7. ’’Covered the Red Bull can with food nylon to keep it carbonated and got a perfect bubble.’’

8. ’’This pencil is made from recycled denim.’’

9. ’’Both of these are hairs from my beard. The one on the left is a result of a phenomenon known as pili multigemini.’’

10. A very rare square coin

11. ’’Sleep pods available for rent in the Beijing airport’’

12. ’’A Bob Ross energy drink I found at my local store today’’

13. ’’This building in Turin, Italy has fake balconies painted on its side.’’

14. ’’This potato looks like it has a very unimpressed expression.’’

15. ’’Instead of servers at this restaurant I went to, they had cat robots that you could interact with by petting.’’

16. ’’My frozen pizza had cardboard in between the toppings and the crust.’’

17. ’’The alien lemon’’

18. ’’This bookstore has a special section for banned books.’’

19. ’’This French fry is 8 inches long.’’

20. ’’Went to Costco to grab a rotisserie chicken for the weekend, but this lady beat everyone to it.’’

21. ’’A herd of sheep being moved through downtown Madrid, Spain’’

22. ’’Mushrooms growing out of the bathroom floor in the accommodation I’ve just moved into"

Are you fond of surprises? If you came across an unusual sight recently, tell us about it in the comments.

Preview photo credit Sayomi_Koneko / Reddit


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#12 A Bob Ross energy drink sounds like such a oxymoron to me, lol.


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