22 People Who Overcame Laziness and Made Something Special With Their Own Hands

3 years ago

According to psychologists, people have a fear of being unsuccessful in what they do and it makes them feel lazy. However, once they overcome this, they can actually build the most amazing things, like their own arcade cabinet, a fancy birdhouse, or even a big Lego coffee table all by hand.

Bright Side had a look at these amazing handmade projects and found 22 people who’ve created some incredibly unique things with their own hands.

1. “I made myself a custom corset using materials from the hardware store.”

2. “My cat jumped from the third floor twice in 2 years. So, I decided to make a special balcony for her.”

3. A stunning and modern arcade cabinet built by someone at home

4. “I upcycled a rolling succulent wall from an old box spring.”

5. “I made a mud kitchen for my son.”

6. “I made a resin and wood desk light for the first time the other day.”

7. “I built a pool out of wood and a liner. Hope you all enjoy”

8. “I built my first guitar ever out of epoxy and wood.”

9. “Homemade game shelf”

10. “My project — a zero footprint universal charging station made from scraps”

11. “I made a fancy birdhouse from a design I found in a book.”

12. “The Bridge, another cat tree I just finished”

13. “My buddy designed this grill/fire pit combo with left over bricks and we built it in 2.5 hours.”

14. “Had to stay at home, so I taught myself how to sew and this is how my first project turned out!”

15. “My daughters ‘Sally Witch’ costume I crocheted”

16. “Iron Throne” phone charger I made: 713 little swords were used.

17. “Spent some time building Rufio a mansion.”

18. “My first attempt at making a leather handbag. The hand stitching took FOREVER!”

19. “My koi pond with duckweed that I hand-embroidered”

20. “I made a coffee table for my Lego Millennium Falcon”

21. “My friend needed a Turtle costume for a party, so I made this”

22. “My Home Built Picnic Table Boat — The U.S.S. Anita Sangwitch”

Are there any pieces that you have made with your own hands that you are really proud of? We would love to see them!

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I really like 10, Probably not something I could build myself but it does look really fancy


#14 looks like a goddess. omg she should be in fancy sketches and stuff


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