22 Selfless People Who Live by the Motto “Give Without Expecting Anything in Return”

3 years ago

When we are going through a rough patch, either because our health isn’t great, because we’re facing some financial problems, or even because of the loss of a loved one, we may feel as if our world is falling apart. In these circumstances, receiving a small token of generosity or empathy can brighten our day and restore our faith in life and in human beings.

At Bright Side we believe that everyone has a good side, and these photos and stories we’ve gathered below are clear proof of that.

1. “The firefighters that helped deliver our baby in our driveway last week just dropped off flowers.”

2. “Didn’t get any gifts for Christmas except from my landlord. Has no idea I’ve been struggling lately.”

“Season’s Greetings and best wishes for the coming year.
Chris, I figured the best Santa gift for you would be taking off half of the January rent. So just pay $440 at the end of this month. Lee.”

3. People do not forget how you make them feel.

4. “I, a 27-year-old man, mentioned that I was out of work and my elderly neighbor left this on my doorstep.”

“Hi, Please accept this gift of some non-perishables I hope will help out during this difficult time. Your neighbor, Cathy #117”.

5. “Paid off 20+ families’ layaway accounts today. An 11-year tradition continues! Give when you can.”

6. “This guy bought a box of pizza for himself and this homeless man, and had lunch together.”

7. “My sister is going through a real hard time and just found this in her mailbox.”

“Happy New Year!
Hi! You are the target of a random act of kindness. No matter where this gift finds you in your life journey, please know that there are people who care about you and love you. Happy New Year!”

8. “With no family coming over, my Mom (80) is delivering meals to all the ‘elderly’ in the neighborhood.”

9. “Found out today that the staff has been watering my plants for an entire year. Left is one year ago, before we went to work from home. Right is what greeted me after coming back into my office after a year of working from home. 😭 I’m getting them all gifts.”

10. “I’ve been going through hard times. Lost my home and my food. I made a post about selling my cell phone to pay for rent and groceries. I’ve been given so much support since that post. One Redditor bought me and my dog a ton of food. I am so grateful. This is next-level kindness. 😭❤️ Thank you”

11. “Last year in March I had to let go of my Bull Terrier. It broke me in a way I can’t describe or fix. Today this pillow came in the mail... from an online friend I’ve never seen face to face. Nicest thing someone has done for me in years”

“—She still misses the sound of your paws.
—I’m always there.”

12. “The restaurant I work for is closing until further notice. My manager gave me a gift.”

13. “Was having a dull birthday when someone left this and a chocolate outside my college accommodation door. Made my day!”


So not sure who you are but I see it’s your birthday thanks to the sticker on your door. So wish you a very happy birthday. Enjoy every second.

Random Stranger”

14. “My dad drives a special needs school bus. And this year he invited all the kids to his house to see Santa Claus. He also purchased gifts for all the kids for Santa to give them. This was the only picture I could get before the waterworks. I’m 27 years old and my dad is still taking me to school.”

15. “My grandma died recently so we got a kitty for my grandpa so he didn’t get lonely.”

16. “I haven’t had my hair done professionally in years because it’s so expensive, so my husband gave me this for Valentine’s Day 🥺🥺💕”

“Go get your hair done. Happy Valentines”

17. “I was told to post this picture on this sub: My niece (6) loves Santa Claus. My Dad (76) loves my niece. Dad’s been growing that beard since May.”

18. “As I grieve the sudden death of my husband, my students warm my heart.”

“Dear Mrs. Milner,

I’m so sorry for your loss. Even though you can’t see Mr. Milner you should still know that there will always be a line connecting your hearts. I hope you feel better soon!”

19. “I lost my wallet. These boys found it and wouldn’t accept any reward. People are good!”

20. “I texted my 75-year-old mother to check in. She sent me this photo of hats she’s crocheting to send to children in developing countries. Her goal is 50 hats and she’s currently working on #22.”

21. “The girl I sit next to in math is the nicest person.”

“—Hey, you ok? Some people shake their feet when nervous. It’s a habit for me! Either way, just wanted to make sure! :)
—I’m good! It’s an ADHD tic for me (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). If it’s bothersome I’ll stop. I’m mostly just tired, LOL.
—No! Don’t stop. It’s a comfortable habit and I do it too”

22. “My mom is giving me one of her kidneys tomorrow. 💕 Best mom ever!”

Have you ever starred in or witnessed a selfless act of kindness? Cheer up, share these beautiful experiences with us and, who knows, maybe you can even inspire other people with your story.

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so I am in a nursing home,we cant have pets,bu t me and dog(that's his name) we walk around taking selfies with people. lol


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