22 Times People Discovered Unique Things When They Least Expected It

3 years ago

A house that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale book, a hidden room behind a bookshelf that you never noticed before, or even a car that is mysteriously hanging from a tree in the middle of a forest. Sometimes we can be surprised by the most atypical things and come to the conclusion that life is full of bewilderment.

Bright Side gathered some extraordinary things people ran into that are so distinctive you probably have never seen them before.

1. “This truck in a tree I found in the woods”

2. “Dropped my headphone at the beach and it pulled the iron out of the sand.”

3. “This sign has the words inverted so you can read it in the water.”

4. “My broccoli is blossoming.”

5. “My grandma’s Chinese teacups where you can see a woman’s face when you put them against the light.”

6. “This hotel I stayed at has a billiards room through a secret door behind this bookshelf.”

7. “This fairytale-style house in my neighborhood”

8. “The drink I ordered online came with a tiny set of dice packaged inside a hollow cork.”

9. “This claw game I found in Bangkok that only has plush bok choy inside of it”

10. “Squirrel on my back deck riding a horse”

11. “Found this McDonald’s cup in the ice I was skating on.”

12. “My backyard is being projected onto my wall.”

13. “What happens when foam filler has a slow leak...”

14. “I found this heart-shaped river rock today.”

15. “My dog had a paw print on his paw.”

16. “While hiking an isolated jungle trail in the Amazon, we came across this post marking the equator.”

17. “Found this gecko with 2 tails in my mailbox.”

18. “I found a toilet seat guitar at a pawn shop.”

19. “This cloud that looks like a horse arm wrestling a beaver”

20. “Found this gnome town on a walk in the woods today.”

21. “My cat has a perfect heart-shaped spot on his belly.”

22. “The Olympic jacket I got at a thrift store had the original owner’s I.D badge and tickets for the opening ceremony inside one of the pockets.”

Have you ever come across unexpected things or situations?

Preview photo credit GromainRosjean / reddit


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