23 Audacious Pets That Were Caught Red-Pawed

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Your pets have a secret life that you don’t even know about. Of course, when you leave the house, they don’t just get sad and fall asleep. They use the hours, minutes, and even seconds while you are away to do all kinds of crazy stuff. But sometimes the situation gets out of control.

Bright Side found 23 people who revealed what their animals do when nobody is watching.

1. “I think I just interrupted a meeting I wasn’t supposed to know about.”

2. What friends do your cats have?

3. Cat scan

4. “Yooou got what I neeeeeeeeeed!”

5. “Every morning my cats form a line to drink out of the sink. They always wait their turn.”

6. So cats just pretend they don’t like baths...

7. “My old man knows the right way to spend a Sunday in Florida.”

8. “Loki is a very bad cat...”

9. “Someone called the police on my dog because he ran away and attacked a deer and I know this is serious but the sight of him in the cop car is just too much!”

10. “The cat figured out how to open the treat jar. At least the dog knows they’re being bad.”

11. “It was someone else, I swear!”

12. “I go upstairs for 2 minutes!”

13. “Because he can...”

14. “I think I just caught my cat trying to murder my other cat.”

15. “I wasn’t sure where she was, so I called her name and was greeted by this.”

16. America’s Next Top Model

17. That’s a real set up.

18. “Big crash in the bedroom...”

19. “Attempted hacking”

20. “She usually meets me at the door when I come home. But if she doesn’t, I definitely know she’s onto something.”

21. “How did he do this? Why did he do this?”

22. “So my dog ran away 2 months ago and came back with a haircut.”

23. “There goes the dog food...”

Do you have pets? Have you ever seen them do anything crazy? Tell us in the comment section below.

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