23 Beauty Trends That Never Go Out of Style

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4 years ago

Face glitter, toxic colors, and some unexpected eyebrow shapes — fashion comes and goes, but some classic looks will always stay. It’s not bad to follow the trends, but when they change too fast you might end up with a pile of “popular” clothes or cosmetics that you won’t use anymore. In order to not waste your money and stay stylish at the same time, it’s better to invest in some timeless looks. These are tested by time itself and will always be in fashion, no matter how much it changes.

Bright Side has picked the best timeless looks that include makeup, hairstyles, and clothing. We are sure that they will come in handy next time you decide to create a nice look or change your image. Let’s get started!

1. Natural makeup

Natural beauty will always be in demand. The idea behind this look is to make you look fresh. The secret is easy: even if you decide to wear red lipstick, your eyes should be almost completely naked. Use an eyeshadow color that is almost the same as your skin tone and just some mascara to make your eyes pop. Fill empty spots in your eyebrows with a brow pencil and your look is ready to go.

2. The timeless smokey eye

One of the most classic makeup looks is the smokey eye. It can be reinterpreted over and over again by using different colors and techniques, but it will always be perfect for any special occasion. Choose an eyeshadow color according to your taste, add glitter, gloss, and any accent you may want, combine it with your favorite lipstick and your perfect makeup is ready.

3. The classic red lip

Through the decades, the classic red lip was adored by fashion lovers around the world. It was made popular by the stunning Marilyn Monroe, and juicy red lips have stayed in fashion ever since. The most important thing to remember when wearing red lipstick is to choose it according to your skin tone. This way you will look gorgeous and not like a clown.

4. The cat eye

Another classic look that has stayed around from Hollywood’s golden era is winged eyeliner. This black line looks elegant and gives a true feline look. You can experiment and use a matte black color and create the line using glitter. Different shapes of eyes will have different looks with eyeliner, so it’s better to choose the perfect line and its length according to your eyes.

5. The white tightline

Tightlined eyeliner puts an accent on your eye area and makes your eyes look bigger and more open. Black eyeliner is classic for the upper lash line and white will look good on your lower tightline. The white color will instantly make your eyes pop. That’s why this easy yet effective method has been loved by women for many years.

6. Dramatic lashes

False eyelashes have existed for a long time already, because women are always trying to make their eyes more defined and make them pop. They don’t even require a face full of makeup. Just a set of lashes and a thin layer of mascara will give a dramatic look for the whole day. In the evening it can be combined with nice eyeshadow and lipstick to get an amazing party look.

7. Thick eyebrows

In an ever changing fashion world eyebrows cannot be left unnoticed. They have undergone so many changes: from super thick lines to a more natural look. Though, one trend had been loved and unchanged for years — thick eyebrows. Our brows make us stand out, and even without any makeup, defined brows will give us a super chic look.

8. Bangs

Experimenting with your hair means getting bangs at least once in your life. Bettie Page owned this iconic look that was wanted by many women for years afterward. Bangs have always been in fashion and women of all different classes have tried out this look. And it’s no surprise, because bangs can give you an innocent and sexy look in just a matter of minutes.

9. The Bob

The style of The Bob has changed through the years, but the main idea stays the same — a short hairstyle that gives a feminine look. The most remarkable thing about The Bob is that it always reflects the fashion of the time, that’s why it always stays in demand. From hard to soft edges, from volume to a more relaxed look, this hairstyle is truly irresistible.

10. Pixie cut

Those who want something even shorter than The Bob can go for a Pixie hairstyle. It was created in the 20s and has stayed on top as one of the most popular styles ever since. In Germany, it’s called Bubikopf, which can literally be translated as “boy’s head.” A short cut allows you to wear defined earrings, bold makeup, and menswear-inspired outfits without losing a chic look.

11. Voluminous waves

The main idea of voluminous waves is that they have to be curly but not too curly, messy but also not too much. For many years women used different methods like hair curlers and modern curling irons to create a desirable look that makes you feel truly royal. Voluminous waves are suitable for any occasion — for work, for a date, and for a nighttime party.

12. Straight cut

If people get tired of waves and curls, they choose more relaxed yet chic look — sleek and straight hair. Straight hair is feminine, sophisticated, and has an edge if done properly, this is why we like it! It looks good with any type of clothing and style and works with any hair length and color. Needless to say, it suits any face type too!

13. Beachy waves

This style will give you a I-just-left-the-beach look at any time of the year, no matter where you are. Beach waves are a bit messy, yet stylish, and look as if you haven’t tried at all. This versatile hairstyle’s beauty is in its tousled, undone, and messy waves. Together it all makes a perfect combination of effortless and chic, that’s why it has been popular for many years.

14. Curls

Some of us are gifted with amazing curls. Nothing gives a better natural look that these. Those who don’t have them have to try to use a bunch of different tools to create the desired ringlets. Short or long curls are already a perfect way to stand out and express your personality. Messy or stylish, no matter what color, they will always stay in style, and make us think “I want those!”

15. A classic blazer

The best part about a classic blazer that it can be combined with almost everything. From the most formal clothes to casual styles. The more you combine, the more unique you will look. A relaxed style of a formal blazer is called “a tomboy.” It adds the edgy vibe of a hooligan boy combined with femininity, which looks just perfect together.

16. Black pumps

Shoes come in all different styles, colors, and shapes, and sometimes it’s so hard to choose something from all this variety! Vogue comes and goes, but classics will always stay — black pumps are a great example of something timeless. These elegant shoes, with their modest design, will match with any outfit and any color you wear.

17. Trench coat

If we think about the trench coat, then we probably imagine something beige or dark colored with long sleeves. This popular outwear comes in different styles and colors right now, sometimes even without sleeves. But some things stay the same: it’s lightweight and it has awesome big buttons and a belt to emphasize the waistline.

18. Jeans and denim

It was a real game-changer when demin clothing became accessible to the masses, and since then it’s literally maintained its place as a favorite cothing item. Dark-washed, cut-off, or casual, denim has probably gone through the most style changes than any other item. And the best part about them — no matter where you live and what you like, your jeans will always represent your personality and be suitable for any occasion.

19. Pencil skirt

If you’re looking for something elegant to combine with your black pumps, then you might need a pencil skirt. This item will define the curves of your body and will provide you with a stunning look. Together with a white button down, this skirt will make you look perfectly formal. Combining it with something more colorful will give you a casual everyday look. Truly, it’s a must have item of clothing!

20. Riding boots

We have to admit this, we get tired of high heels and want something comfortable. It can be a favorite pair of sneakers, or... a pair of awesome looking riding boots! You don’t even need to be a professional horse rider to wear these, they are suitable for anyone. During the cold season they will provide you with some much needed warmth and make you look gorgeous.

21. White button down shirt

A white button down shirt will be an enduring item in your wardrobe. You can combine it with any skirt, pair of jeans, formal pants, shorts, sneakers, or heels — just choose the piece of clothing that you like. This item is like a chameleon: it will adapt to you and your style. At the end, you will always have a fresh and stylish look that will make you truly unique.

22. A little black dress

When it comes to dresses, this is the embarrassment of riches. It’s probably hard to find any other piece of clothing that has such a big variation of designs and shades. But the little black dress is really the number one on this chart. Created by the legendary Coco Chanel, its style never gets old, but only gets better over the years.

23. Wearing pearls with style

Pearls can dress up your look quickly and easily. There is no need to worry, they won’t appear old fashioned if you wear them with a straightforward neckline. Pearls can be combined with a feminine dress (or any top to your choosing) and red lipstick to finish up a gorgeous look. Grace Kelly loved wearing them as a choker, close to her neck.

Do you wear any of these styles? Maybe you have your own timeless items that make you look stylish during any season? Let’s share in the comment section!


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Smokey eye is one of my favorite make ups. I love playing with its variations too: brows, black, green, dark blue - its suitable for just any occasion ❤️


I'm a big fan of straight cuts and I can say that I wore it all my life. I love it because it suits me and it's suitable for every occasion, I just need to wash my hair and brush them properly, and I'm done :)


I don't agree with #18. Yes, jeans are around for many years in all colors and shapes, lengths and suitable for almost every occasion. BUT what we didn't have 'then' were these awful, ugly, stupid looking ripped jeans. Nobody would have worn them, every young lady would have thrown them in the trash ripped with holes and some even "sliced" from the hip to the bottom. It just tells me that the young ladies had way better taste than they have today!! .... I can think about it as often as I like, but I can't understand WHY young ladies today want to look worse than tramps and most of all WHY they even want to pay so much money for those rags!?!

There are God knows cheaper and better rags.

Do you have to wear everything that is shown in the stupid fashion magazines. Don't you have any mirrors at home ???


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