23 Before and After Photos That Show Drastic Changes

4 years ago

Let’s say “Thank you!” to Joseph Nicephore Niepce who invented photography. This “time machine” lets you store your memories and easily go back to the past when you want. What’s more, thanks to 2 photos taken at different times you can see all the changes happened to us, our lives, and the world around us.

Bright Side likes to look through before and after pictures. We’re sure you’d like to see these 23 photos and imagine what stories hide behind them.

In love 40 years later

When you find a hairdresser that you trust:

“My snail from a 1.5 in shell grew to a 6 in shell in one year.”

Cheerful friends 45 years later

Left: 10 years into a drug addiction. Right: 3rd year being clean.

Boston, 30 years apart:

“My sister and I had some awkward middle school years.”

New Zealand, 2 days apart

“My daughter and me on Lookout Mountain in 2006 and 2019.”

From a dying plant, to being cared for correctly.

“My grandpa and his dad almost 100 years ago. Tesla model 3.”

“Nobody picked her because she was the ’ugly’ kitten. Just look at her now!”

“5 years apart, summer 2014 to summer 2019, muscle gain and fat loss.”

“One year ago, I shaved my head. Now, my hair is back along with several grey hairs.”

“This poor baby was giving me those sad eyes until we finally got her home. Welcome home, Chloe!”

5 months later in Australia after the rains

“Me and my son on the left, my son and my grandson on the right.”

“Before and after cleaning over 30 years of tarnish off my grandmom’s spoons. She hand-picked each one from around the world.”

“This on the left was one year ago vs Yesterday. I never thought I would go out in public wearing a crop top!”

Prom 2009 and Wedding 2019

3 years of experience

“Me and my husband in the same pre-school class at 3 years old in 1994 and our kids on the first day of school in 2019 at 3 and 6 years old.”

2 Mr. Olympias, Franco Columbu and Arnie, have been playing chess for more than 50 years.

After compilations like these, we always want to look through our old photos and create the same before and after collages to see the changes. How often do you compare your old pictures with present ones?

Preview photo credit komarexalex / Reddit


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The lady with the crop top looks fake in the 2nd pic, not at all flattering. She looks more genuine and happy in the 1st pic.


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