23 Perfect Dog Photos That Can Melt Any Cat Lover’s Heart

5 years ago

All people in the world are divided into 2 groups: those who love dogs and those who love cats. But this article whispers into cat lovers’ ears, “Hey, join the dog side, it’s just full of love! And cookies.”

Bright Side has collected photos of doggos that will test your cat loyalty. Check them out!

He’s like a winking emoji.

Hug him, don’t upset the fluffy doggo.

When your dog is 100 times more photogenic than you:

These eyes...

Сhow chow + fluffy fur = 100% cuteness

He always takes his toy with him.

A tiny bear

“This 3-month-old Golden feels bad for peeing on the floor.”


One more bear, a polar bear

“I’ll do anything for you, dog...”

“Meet Alfie. 3 months old and always smiling.”

“My dog often gets mistaken for a fox at first glance.”

“The wind turns my tiny dog into a ball.”

A dog that could get mistaken for a toy:

Black Lab/Husky mix

“My wife and I just can’t believe this pupper is ours!”

“This girl is the master of head tilts.”

“Took my rescue greyhound to get her photo taken. Nailed it.”

“My parents’ boxer with her favorite ball”


It’s Boo and he isn’t a toy.

When your dog loves you to the moon and back.

Bonus: Well, kittens are cute too!

Are you a dog or a cat person?

Preview photo credit clontheaztec/ reddit, pikabu.ru


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