23 Real Photos You Might Mistake for Fantastic Movie Shots

2 months ago

Witches do exist and even have athletic competitions. And wardrobes can disappear when they want to. The reality around us is so amazing that taking a photo masterpiece without any further editing is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is look around more and be able to capture the moment quickly.

Bright Side has found photos that didn’t need additional editing to amaze you.

This post is just being held up by the power lines. No big deal.

A ship-shaped hotel in South Korea

Just an airport runway that goes over a highway

This ghostly mirror art at Worpswede — Bremen (Germany)

This polar bear greeting a little girl

This cloud that looks like a UFO

Cats are always looking at you. Here is proof:

“The moss on the ground near where I work forms a perfect 1.”

The shine on this filing cabinet makes it look like it’s fading away.

“Seasonal transition on display outside of my apartment.”

The light shining through this vase

“The way my tea didn‘t flow over...”

Bird’s eye view of the CNN Tower (Toronto)

This Kraken art installation in an abandoned building

The trees on one side of the road are green and on the other side they’re pure red.

“This golf ball I found inside a log”

“I’m standing where there’s usually a huge pond that sinks every dry season.”

Cold front in west Texas

The pattern on this seashell looks like a mountain range.

The reflection of this tunnel in the mirrored sunglasses

“A leaf on my windshield made the perfect ice impression of itself.”

Witches paddle boarding in Portland

“This sunset looked like it was split in half through my 2 windows.”

Which of these pictures seemed the most amazing to you? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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