23 Weird Dog and Cat Habits That They Think Are Totally Normal

3 years ago

If you have pets, you’ve probably noticed that they can be very good actors. Owners of cats and dogs are lucky holders of the best tickets to a theater with their beloved pets onstage. A cat acting up at the vet, a dog that won’t fall asleep until you swaddle it, and a “Sherlock cat” — meet the kings of improvisation and they’re always ready to give a show!

Here at Bright Side, we were laughing out loud at these pics showing cats and dogs behaving in such a hilarious way. We’re sure you’ll share our amusement!

1. “This piece of anatomy is called a ‘floofen’ and it only occurs during high levels of sass.”

2. This dog has been running around in a dandelion field:

3. “My cat giving up on being a cat.”

4. “I call it a ’one-pipe problem’, my dear Watson!”

5. You are not going anywhere, human!

6. Here, I brought you some flowers. Can we please forget about those slippers?

7. It looks like this cat is not a fan of cuddling...

8. I will have a donut and some ice cream, but we won’t tell anybody, right?

9. “My cats look like they’re in the middle of devising some sort of a plan.”

10. Sometimes cats choose the most incredible places to watch their humans...

11. A level of exhaustion only cats can understand

12. “It’s belly rub time!”

13. “The look I get when I tell them to quit playing.”

14. Hey, buddy! Didn’t you forget something?

15. “Our puppy Joey can’t fall asleep unless he is swaddled every night.”

16. “Don’t worry, Mommy. We’ve packed everything you need.”

17. I wonder what they’re thinking about...

18. “My cat at the vet clinic.”

19. Come on, turn on the tap!

20. “We told our dog she couldn’t sleep on the couch.”

21. Can we please not go to the vet?

22. “He’s been spending too much time with cats.”

23. If I can’t see the human, then the human can’t see me, right?

Which of these funny pets made you laugh the most? Have you ever seen your pet behaving in an awkward and funny way? Share your thoughts and pictures in the comments!


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