24 Photos Proving That Pet Owners Deserve a Medal for Their Patience

5 years ago

We all love our animals, but living with them is sometimes just as hard as having a second job or a baby. Destroyed carpets, broken shutters, stolen food, a habit of drawing all the attention to themselves, or ignoring you is just a short list of the things every pet owner is familiar with.

Bright Side has prepared a new compilation of photos proving that a pet is always a small catastrophe that we still love.

At least they are getting a new floor.

Where does your pet love sitting?

Forget about private space.

No matter how much you try, they still choose the places they want.

He is really proud of the new door.

He feels just fine.

That visit to the vet must’ve been shocking.

“Our cat hasn’t let us watch TV for months now.”

When you want to take a cute photo with your pet and you get this:

“There are 5 beds and about 10 comfy chairs in this house. So where do you sit? On the eggs!”

“She’s not a fan of the shower.”

“She’s the reason we have to hide our toilet paper in a cabinet.”

“Somebody help my cat!”

“Cat pulled off one of the blinds... Then cuddled with it.”

“My cat escaped. We found her the next day outside my son’s bedroom window.”

“She’s been screaming at these water droplets for 3 minutes.”

“My cat learned he could scoop up food with his cone and stole my taco when I wasn’t looking.”

“Stop doing whatever you are doing and feed me, human!”

“The reason I can’t have nice things...”

“In the midst of a squirrel hunt”

“After watching me hang lights around my room for 2 hours, Cobain decided to take them down.”

“Can you take me to work with you?”

“Cat? Nah, haven’t seen any.”

“Thanks, Buddy. I wasn’t using that anyway!”


“Let me shake your paw?”


What should you be ready for if you decide to get a pet? Tell us your funny story.

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, unknown / imgur


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