20 Pics That Prove Our Pets Have Their Own Morning Habits Just Like Us

2 years ago

When we first wake up, we typically don’t become real people until we’ve had a nice hot cup of coffee or a good shower. Only then can we truly wake up and deal with the real world. But if you think we’re the only ones that have these moments, you’re wrong. Our beloved pets, just like us, have their own morning habits. And the funny thing is, in most cases, these routines are extremely curious and endearing.

Bright Side is showing you how some pets say “good morning” when they wake up and start the day.

1. “Every morning, my dog goes into the exercise room to stretch on the yoga mat.”

2. “Marci wakes us up every morning and cries until we open the blinds so she can monitor the streets.”

3. “Every morning, my dogs charge out of the bedroom to bask in the morning light while I make coffee.”

4. “Every morning, my cat jumps on the back of my chair to see my leopard gecko, who, in turn, always waits at the corner of his tank to see her.”

5. “This is how Toby likes to dry off after a bath. On my head. Every time. Pardon my messy hair, I had a bird in it all morning.”

6. “Every morning, my dog wakes up, sees we haven’t abandoned him, and smiles so big, so we give him all the love!”

7. “Every morning, my cat sits like this on my nightstand.”

8. “Every morning before I head out for work: lies on clothes/ side-eye. It’s never easy to leave...”

9. “She sits here and waits by the treats every morning. Yes, those are dog treats, she wants those too.”

10. “I love my squirrelies!! I have plenty of peanuts but ran out of bird/squirrel food. Willing to risk my life going to Walmart tomorrow to buy more. Anything for my gang! I have at least a dozen that come to meet me at the back door every morning.”

11. “Every morning, my dog takes a little nap on my wife’s ankle.”

12. “Every morning, Juno has to sit on the toilet while I shower. If I lock her out, she cries at the door until she’s let in.”

13. “Every morning, my dog takes it a step further and makes himself comfortable on my pillows and gives me the ’these are mine now’ look.”

14. “Every morning, our cat patiently waits at my sons’ bedroom door for them to wake up. And it’s not to be fed — he just can’t wait to see them.”

15. “My rat likes to give me a heart attack every morning by making me think he’s dead.”

16. “Every morning, my dog sits on the edge of the carpet, waiting for her tiny humans to wake up.”

17. “Meet George! We do this every morning. I make coffee and he sits on my lap while I drink it! He always yells at me when I take too long.”

18. “For the last couple of years, the neighbors’ dog has shown up every morning after they go to work.”

19. “Ike cleans between his toes on my boyfriend every morning.”

20. “Nimo (my Gouldian) is in love with Marlowe (my lovebird). Every morning, they visit and he sings her a song.”

What morning ritual can you not miss before starting your day? And what is the first thing your pets do in the morning when they wake up?

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