24 Amazing Photos That Show the Endless Power of Nature

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picture taken in March of 2011 shows a tsunami wave flooding over the breakwater in Miyako city. The shot was quickly spread by the media and became one of the symbols of the merciless elements that caused massive destruction in Japan. It’s amazing how the power of nature embodies itself in most destructive and most peaceful phenomena at the same time. Tsunami waves, volcanic eruptions, beehives of most intricate shapes, and trees respecting each other’s space — it’s all about our almighty Mother Nature.

Here Bright Side, we can’t wait to show you these shots capturing the unsurpassed power of nature.

1. Tsunami wave taking over Miyako City, Japan, 2011.

2. Meet Victoria Amazonica, the giant water lily with the largest flower in the world.

3. Crown shyness is a phenomenon in which crowns of trees do not touch each other and form a dome with channel-like gaps.

4. This wave is enormous:

5. “Aerial photography view of the lava flow of the Kilauea volcano in Big Island, Hawaii, USA.”

6. Striking beauty

7. A shelf cloud wrapping around the base of the storm. Isn’t it amazing?

8. Was this picture taken on our planet?

9. Power and grace embodied!

10. This tree trapped in ice looks extraterrestrial:

11. Beehives take the most intricate shapes and occupy the most unexpected places!

12. It’s unbelievable, but it’s just the root of one tree!

13. Stunning Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

14. Sunset at Glass Beach, California. It took a lot of time for the water to polish ordinary glass and turn it into mesmerizing gems!

15. Nature will always find a way.

16. Snow kingdom, Kamchatka, Russia

17. “Nature is so beautiful! I found this rock on one of the Icelandic beaches.”

18. The power of life

19. This acid lake of an amazing blue color found its place in a volcanic vent in Kamchatka, Russia:

20. This tree has amazingly strong roots:

21. Conquering the wave

22. Fallen cherry blossom petals make the channel pink.

23. Ivy sprouts leave intricate traces as they climb up the wall.

24. This tree won’t give up:

Which of the pictures impressed you the most? Have you ever seen Mother Nature demonstrating its power in such a spectacular way? Did you manage to capture those moments? Feel free to share your thoughts and pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit Handout / Reuters


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