“Embroidery On Skin” Is Now Possible Thanks to the Talent of This Tattooist, and Here Are 15 of His Most Amazing Works

11 months ago

Tattooist Eduardo Lozano, aka Duda, was the first tattoo master to amaze people with patch tattooing, a technique swiftly becoming very popular. He creates embroidered patches on his clients’ skin that brilliantly imitate the satin stitch. He goes even further and makes the binding that prevents the edges of the tattoos from fraying. Let’s look at some of the most brilliant work from Duda that could even impress your grandma, who we bet isn’t that keen on tattooing.

Duda absolutely loves everything unique.

This Brazilian tattooist has gained fame for his tattoos that show magnificently embroidered patches. As a tattoo artist, he always tried to push the limits of his creativity. His desire has always been to differentiate himself from other artists.

And now he stands out from the crowd while doing what he likes most: realistic tattoos. A long time ago used to work on creating the embroidered hat and shirt logos. One day, it came to mind that he could mix the 2 things and achieve a unique style.

More and more people are getting their portion of awesomeness from Duda.

Now, Duda Lozano is a recognized name in the tattoo world. He’s got more than 750,000 people following him on social media and admiring his unique art.

Another thing that makes Lozano’s tattoos unique, in addition to their intricate patch designs, is their pop culture theme. His art often pays homage to movies, TV shows, and anime that we all probably know and love, ranging from Disney and Star Wars movies to Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z.

Some people even claim that Duda’s tattoos are photoshopped, but they’re not.

Duda’s attention to detail and scrupulous work make the tattoos look so hyper-realistic that some people even claim they’re photoshopped.

But on his Instagram, Lozano posts videos to prove his work is real and doesn’t use any extra special effects. He shows the patches from all dimensions and angles, and we do not doubt that the artist’s gift, not photoshop, makes his tattoos look gorgeous.

Duda isn’t the only one who works with embroidery; he has a powerful counterpart. And for those who want to marvel at more realistic designs, aside from patches, you can see tattooed jewelry on the skin. From glowing tattoos to botanic designs that spread over your whole body, the tattoo world is ready to amaze you more and more!

Preview photo credit dudalozanotattoo / Instagram


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