An Artist Creates Posh Tattoos That Look Like They’re Right Out of a Jewelry Boutique

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You may have grown up with the belief that you’ll never get a job if you have tattoos. But there are some employers who actually prefer them. For example, bartenders have more chances of getting hired if they have a tattoo. But even if you’re not an avid tattoo fan and would never want to get one, looking at some really intricate styles can definitely trigger your best aesthetic feelings.

Here at Bright Side, we are fans of everything that goes beyond the ordinary. And today, we’d love to show you the work of an artist who does tattoos that look like real pieces of jewelry. And be prepared for some of them to make you say “wow” out loud.

1. The inspiration came to the artist at an early age.

Yeriel enjoyed drawing on her own body since early childhood. In her interview with Inkedmag, she said she once saw a tattooed girl by chance and it caught her eye. It then became her dream to get tattooed when she was grown up. When she was 20, she got her first tattoo, then immediately decided to become a tattoo artist who paints jewels on the body.

2. The gemstone technique is a very demanding style.

While being asked by Inkedmag about what pleases her the most in her work, Yeriel didn’t hesitate to say it was the result. She confessed that she loves the sparkling highlight part. She feels complete when she can make it shiny with a huge contrast.

However, there’s no special secret in making gold look so realistic in her tattoos, the artist says. It’s just her hard work in copying the colors of the reference picture as precisely as she can.

3. The artist takes new design ideas from special places.

The tattooist told Inkedmag that she loves tattooing jewelry the most and finds inspiration from jewelry exhibits. She comes there, looks for cool jewelry designs, and then tries to reproduce the best combination of gemstones on people’s bodies.

Yeriel is a fan of the color pink, but she confessed that in her work she most often uses red and blue.

4. The artist’s work has many peculiarities.

In her conversation with Inkedmag, the tattooist admitted that she finds it absolutely difficult to tattoo the lower chest. She explained that it’s all because of breathing movements. Also, she says it’s too painful for the clients and only the bravest can agree to it. However, she finds the forearm to be the most suitable and easy part for tattooing.

5. The artist is truly open for beauty in her life and work.

Yeriel has many tattoo artists that she absolutely admires. Like any master, she tries to see what other gifted people create and learns from them. When she works, she listens to jazz music, according to what she told Inkedmag. The vibes of jazz help her create real masterpieces and make many of her clients happy with their new permanent body jewelry.

Would you ever consider getting a tattoo from Yeriel? What is the tattoo style that you are absolutely impressed with?

Preview photo credit yeriel_tattoo / Instagram


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