This Artist Creates Surrealist Tattoos That Can Boggle Your Mind

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It’s absolutely astonishing what modern artists can do with tattoos. However, our hero today, Arlo DiCristina, takes body art to a whole new level. As the husband of another gifted tattoo artist named Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Arlo surprisingly doesn’t compete with his wife. On the contrary, he has his own unique style that’s been highly praised by over 600,000 fans on Instagram.

Here at Bright Side, we love everything that displays beautiful art. We’d love for you to take a look at how Arlo manages to use people’s bodies as canvases for his surreal tattoos that make our heads spin.

Arlo fell in love with tattoos at an early age.

When Arlo was just 17, he asked an older friend to buy his first tattoo machine for him. His age didn’t allow him to buy it legally on his own. He started doing tattoos for his closest friends, but he never even thought that he would eventually achieve so much success in this area.

When the day came and he saw some improvements in his tattooing, he went all-in. Today, experts from all over the world, along with tattoo lovers, speak about him as one of the top surrealist tattoo artists in the world.

Fame came to the artist after a lot of sweat.

Arlo DiCristina now has a tattoo shop called Elysium Studios, which is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.

His fame grew a few years ago when his project went viral on social media. He created a portrait in his surreal style that was praised by many. He’s got even more fans after this, and his popularity started growing with the number of reposts from his followers.

The artist’s approach to each of his tattoos is very scrupulous.

Arlo works in 2 main styles: surrealist tattoos and face morph tattoos. He constantly works on his techniques and keeps discovering new things. He spends all his free time learning 3D sculpting techniques. He also studies image editing programs, as they help him in designing new tattoos.

A love for body art makes the family of 2 great artists united.

Arlo DiCristina and his famous spouse, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, teamed up and now work at Elysium together. They are both famous in the tattoo community and have a lot of customers.

If people want to get an Arlo tattoo, they need to book an appointment with this incredible artist. But everyone who wants this art on their body needs to be very patient. There is a long waitlist, but a lot of fans think it’s well worth the time for this miracle to happen.

Which of the tattoos by Arlo would you like to have on your body? Would you like to team up with your loved one to make art, just like Ryan and Arlo do?

Preview photo credit arlotattoos / Instagram


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