An Artist Creates Vibrant Embroidered Tattoos, and They’re a Real Feast for the Eyes

2 years ago

Stitching tattoos is a new take on an old art form. It is a style that carries a certain sentimental value for the people who choose it. Fernanda Ramirez is a Mexican artist who embroiders on her clients’ bodies with the help of a special tattoo technique. Her tattoos flourish with intricate patterns, giving people this special feeling of coziness and adding a unique element to their style.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t help but admire how neat and vibrant the tattoos are that Fernanda designs. We’d love for you to take a look at her tattoo designs, that even your grandma might be in awe of.

The artist’s passion for stitched tattoos started from her bond with her granny.

Fernanda has her grandmother to thank when it comes to this particular style. She has many amazing childhood memories with her, but one of her favorites is when she showed Fernanda how to embroider.

Embroidery gave her the chance to sit with her, to talk, to laugh, and to hear stories. She would let her embroider wherever she wanted and she always decided on flowers with a lot of colors. In this way, not much has changed other than the canvas.

Tattooing has become more than art for her.

When she moved to the US a few years ago, Fernanda really missed her family, her people, and her native land. Painting, drawing, and tattooing helped her feel close to home again.

The stitching style has turned out to be a little challenging.

Stitching tattoos is not necessarily more difficult than other techniques, says the artist. It does, however, require an understanding of embroidery.

You need to visualize how the lines would be directed by thread and needle. Experience also helps when recreating the shadows and colors that would be seen in real, traditional embroidery.

The artist gets inspired by her clients.

Normally the ideas for a new tattoo are a combination of what the client wants and the artist’s own style.

Because stitching already requires a lot of detail, many concepts have to be simplified in order to make the style shine. Fernanda works with her clients to find the right balance.

Fernanda has some advice for those who want a tattoo like this.

Maintenance is similar to other realistic or detailed tattoos. Skin ages over time and keeping a drawing looking fresh sometimes requires a touch-up. Removing a bit of detail can make it more resilient, says the artist.

She recommends taking great care during the healing process of your tattoo. This is half the battle in guaranteeing a good result. The artist also advises that you hydrate your tattoos, and use sunblock.

What is a tattoo style that you’re especially fond of? Which of the tattoos by Fernanda Ramirez would you like to have on your body?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE, right now. Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting!


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