This Artist Creates Vibrant Botanical Tattoos That Make People Feel the Breath of Nature Right on Their Skin

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Getting a tattoo is quite a big decision, especially for people who are doing so for the first time. But once you find the perfect tattoo artist who thinks like you do and has their own unique style, things become far simpler. And if you’re an avid nature lover or just want to get a tattoo that perfectly captures the beauty of the world in detail, Vanessa Core’s botanical tattoos will probably give you all the inspiration that you’re longing for.

Vanessa Core is a respected artist with her own signature style.

Vanessa Core is a tattoo artist from Italy. She is one of the permanent tattoo artists working at Polifamous Tattoo Atelier in Milano. This tattoo studio proudly hosts artists with a precise, unique vision of tattooing as an art form, and Core is considered to be one of the very best.

Her botanical tattoos are inspired by nature itself, and as of today, her style has attracted over 100,000 fans to her Instagram page.

Nature prompts the designs for Core’s tattoos and serves as her biggest inspiration.

Core is considered to be a real sensation because of her nature-inspired tattoos. Her work often depicts weeds, flowers, birds, butterflies, bees, and other beautiful creatures. Nature has always been her main source of inspiration because it’s always changing and appears to be so different every other day and season. The artist truly enjoys working with people who share her passion for flora and fauna.

She has her own vision of nature and says, “What I find particularly intriguing about nature’s tenacity is that nothing really exists within its realm according to our concepts of good or bad, but it’s rather a constant search for balance.”

The artist treats every tattoo with a peculiar feeling.

Vanessa has really deep feelings tied to all things that are created by nature without the help or interference from humanity.

She says, “From the language of flowers to the ecological importance of small beings, such as bees in large ecosystems, I take on every project with the intention of telling a story about who you are, what could be, for you, a symbol of an important memory or what you believe in.”

Who is your favorite tattoo artist? Why do you like their style?


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