21 Dramatic Photos Proving Nature Is Always One Step Ahead of Us

10 months ago

We may think we have conquered nature by creating concrete jungles, cutting down forests, and mining minerals. Yet nature slowly, but surely, keeps proving to us that she is the only unbreakable queen on this planet. Step-by-step nature engulfs buildings, roads, and pretty much any objects that stand in its way, and we can’t do anything but be amazed.

21. Plants are the only ones who can climb these stairs now.

20. An old fisherman’s house living its life in harmony with nature

19. These plants creating a half-pipe look like they’re into extreme sports.

18. This abandoned railway turned into a magnificent green tunnel.

17. Thousands of fish took over an abandoned shopping mall.

16. Behold the power of nature!

15. A little sprout on the sidewalk will become a mighty tree soon.

14. “We will survive.”

13. A baby tree growing on another tree

12. Tree of Life in Olympic National Park, Washington

11. Defiance in a cold, soulless, stone jungle...

10. Surrender is not an option here.

9. Seems like a very comfortable place to grow...

8. Life always finds its way.

7. A new circle of life begins.

6. Will this brick surrender first?

5. Unstoppable.

4. This old ship holds new life now.

3. Asphalt is no obstacle for a powerful will to live.

2. If there is even a tiny chance of survival — use it!

1. This lake tree in Canada found its Zen among the chaos.

Which shot amazed you the most? Have you been to abandoned places like these? Have you ever witnessed Mother Nature winning against humanity? Do you have any cool photos to prove it? Share your answers and your photos with us in the comment section!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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Really beautiful compilation. Nothing can resist to mother nature
garden from picture number 21 looks magestic :)
Nature really is incredible and I can see one more time, we have no power in front of it!

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