24 Guys Who Should Be Named Boyfriend of the Year

4 years ago

It’s vital for most women to feel appreciated, and most men are well aware of that. However, some of the representatives of the stronger half set their standards so high, that all the rest are left to do is learn from them. Whether it’s a handmade gift or a long-awaited adventure, the men from our compilation deserve a special award for being so cool.

We at Bright Side are totally into love and so we compiled a set of guys whose remarkable caring abilities should definitely be admired and shared with the world.

1. His girlfriend’s feet hurt.

2. “Nothing like having a boyfriend who can braid your hair when you’re in the hospital getting chemo.”

3. This guy repaired the pantry while his girlfriend was away:

4. While this guy created a self-made pillow fort for his girlfriend.

5. “Taking care of my girlfriend’s skin when she is too tired.”

6. “My boyfriend’s gift to me on our one year anniversary. Is this true love? I think so.”

7. This girlfriend was given a meerkat experience from her boyfriend for her birthday, where she got to hang out with and feed meerkats.

8. “My girlfriend likes to spend her time relaxing and painting her nails. Hopefully, this is a good surprise for her after one more hard day at the office.”

9. The wife of this man had a little bit too much to drink, so he made her a bed with blankets and pillows by the porcelain throne. He also didn’t forget about socks, water, nose spray, and even a hair tie.

10. “After 7 years together, my boyfriend pulled off a ski surprise and asked me to marry him at 10,450 feet!”

11. This guy made an artificial fireplace for his girlfriend because she wanted a place to hang Christmas stockings.

12. “My wife and cat fell asleep on me. Gonna stay in this position until they wake up.”

13. This guy managed to make a bunch of paper flowers for his wife to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

14. A sushi pillow made by her boyfriend:

15. “A sweet present called ’The 365 Jar’ with an explanation of how it works on the back. My girlfriend was ECSTATIC.”

16. “I saved up for a year to take this vacation. My girlfriend is in the shower... I hope she likes her breakfast.”

17. “My boyfriend made a Squirtle, he isn’t super pleased with it, but I think he’s cute.”

18. “My boyfriend proposed to me by putting this collar on my cat while I was out of the room. I couldn’t ask for a better man.”

19. Does your wife like bacon more than flowers? Then make her a bacon bouquet of bacon roses, like this guy did.

20. “My boyfriend’s way of telling me I left something at his house.”

21. “Custom made these for my wife”

22. This guy baked a cake for his loved one for her birthday. And this was the first cake he ever baked!

23. “My boyfriend went to buy a Lemon and came home with him. Everybody. Meet Lemon.”

24. “Made my wife Game of Thrones dragon eggs for her birthday.”

What goodies has your other half surprised you with? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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Pic 1. I don’t understand there’s lot of space to sit but that guy is still standing ?? I guess he likes to wear heels ???

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