24 Tricky Shadows That Created a Parallel Universe

2 months ago

In some cultures, shadows are believed to be magical. There are a lot of rituals and superstitions around them. But scientifically speaking, it’s just an optical phenomenon. However, sometimes it really looks like shadows want to tell us a different story of reality.

Bright Side has collected photos where shadows are incredibly creative.


“The shadow of my plane formed a rainbow around it.”

“I’m sure this shadow became self-aware.”

Who’s ever thought about this?

“My boyfriend and his dog’s shadows lined up and formed a Centaur in this picture.”

“The shadow of this leaf I found while hiking kind of looks like a dancing fairy.”

2 girls casting a gorilla shadow

You can have fun even if you’re a shadow.

Even the shadows in Scotland are plaid.

“These flowers at my parents’ place cast a squirrel shadow.”

Untangled wire, looped shadow

“My steamer casts a shadow that looks like a witch.”

This shadow’s perfect fit

“This shadow is evolving.”

A phone cord shadow that looks like DNA

This Einstein poster casts a sinister shadow.

This lamp shadow

That’s a big spider!

This wiggly shadow of a perfectly straight ladder

“The shadow cast by my engagement ring looks like Batman.”

Giraffe shadow

The shadow from these shoes makes it look as though they’re floating​ a bit.

A pen made of recycled water bottles casts a shadow of a water bottle.

The shadow on his shirt makes it look like the guy in the back is badly photoshopped into the picture.

Which of these pictures amazed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below.


This was a really cool post, the spider plant would really freak me out ?

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