25 Animals We Didn’t Know Were So Smol

3 years ago

Small animals usually get more attention and look more attractive. And now we know why this is. You probably haven’t ever heard about something known as baby schema. It’s a set of features of the face and body in small individuals that makes them adorable. It’s always hard to resist big eyes, small paws, fluffiness, and innocent looks. They’re so helpless and tiny that you just want to take care of them.

We at Bright Side don’t exactly know if it’s the specific schema or baby animals themselves that warm our hearts. But we’re sure that no one will remain indifferent looking at these little lumps of sweetness.

1. This skunk definitely smells like charm.

2. All babies need a nap.

3. Look at this smile!

4. “My birth mom wouldn’t take me! That’s okay though because I have a new mom now!”

5. Modeling lessons from a baby kangaroo

6. “Always nosey, always wanting attention...”

7. It’s hard to believe that crocodiles are dangerous.

8. “One day these cuties will be back in the wild being awesome opossums!”

9. Can you spot the real one?

10. This baby is looking into your soul.

11. “He won my heart! From the first days of picking him up, he wouldn’t stop licking me.”

12. “Playing brings me joy.”

13. Who says snakes can’t be adorable?

14. The sweetest thing ever!

15. Kung fu polar bear

16. “After the rain”

17. “OMG! I’m so small!”

18. Have you ever seen a baby sugar glider?

19. Being small and green is the best way to hide.

20. “Every little life is big to the one living it.”

21. A bunny that fits right in the palm of your hand

22. A baby panda testing out its newly acquired walking skills

23. Lovely and small punk

24. It’s time to hug!

25. Bats are adorable too!

Which animals do you like more? Babies or adults? Share your preferences in the comments.


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