25 Animals Who Were So Eager to Lick Glass, Their Joy Looks Zany

5 years ago

Animals are well-known for their spontaneity and curiosity. And they won’t let anything stand in the way of their object of desire — even if it’s a big piece of glass. Seriously. They’re ready to poke at it with their nose, lick it, or rest against it with their paws. We can’t say for sure whether they like the glass’s taste or if they do it out of boredom, but we’re sure it’s worth witnessing.

Bright Side cheered right up after watching how funny and emotional animals can be while trying to lick glass. And we want to share our good mood with you!

1. “Having a BBQ and this is our view...”

2. “I wonder what this window tastes like...”

3. “This otter loves glass!”

4. “No food needed, the glass is enough.”

5. “I was having a horrible day until I came home to this face in the window.”

6. “Look at my beautiful teeth!”

7. “I see you eating on the balcony, human! Save some for us.”

8. “You want mlem fren?”

9. “When she wants to come inside she licks the sliding glass door.”

10. “I’m pretty sure he was thinking that if he kept licking the glass it would melt away.”

11. “My bunny has no concept of space (or time) so he’s trying to lick me through a glass door.”

12. “B licking the window, Oscar licking B”

13. “Was looking through my sister’s photos on her phone — this really happened.”

14. “When your cow thinks he’s a dog and wants to come inside”

15. “No worries, human. We’ll clean the windows.”

16. “Hey! Get me into your car.”

17. “Getting your cat to lick a magnifying glass? Priceless.”

18. A window cleaner

19. “I love licking the windows and making them dirty.”

20. “I think his water bowl is empty.”

21. Paws and a tongue make a great view from the window.

22. “I’m gonna eat this glass!”

23. “My name’s Brenda...I like licking windows...”

24. “What my Husky does when she can’t get inside”

25. “I’m watching you.”

Has your animal ever licked glass? Share your photos with all of us in the comments.


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