25+ Lovable Pomeranian Puppies That Will Steal Your Heart the Moment You Lay Your Eyes on Them

4 years ago

If you’ve never really liked dogs, this article will make you change your mind in a heartbeat. We are here to introduce you to these tiny pomeranian puppies that are little yet so feisty they will amaze you. Even though they’re very tiny and can fit into a teacup, they have a lot of confidence that they can take out large dogs with their bark. And we’re jealous of their lucky owners who get to stare at these real-life furry teddy bears all day long.

The Bright Side team has gathered some of the most adorable photos that pomeranian parents shared with the world and they show that these poms are really just balls of fur. Stay tuned until the end to check out our aww-worthy video.

1. Imagine holding this little ball of fur in your palm.

2. “Hi Hooman, let me introduce myself!”

3. “5 more minutes, we are so tired.”

4. Meet Kein with his huge head and tiny paws.

5. “This was his first fall and he loved playing in the leaves.”

6. “I live in this bowl now, this is my life.”

7. “Pictures make me look big. But I’m actually not even half a kilo.”

8. Watching these lovable triplets cuddling is too sweet to handle.

9. “I even fit into a shirt pocket.”

10. “I feel safer when riding on Dad’s chest.”

11. “Oh noo, they found our hiding spot!”

12. The most adorable Eskimo kiss we’ve ever seen!

13. “Hey look, I’m smaller than your shoe.”

14. “I can fit into a shoe.”

15. This little one is petrified of human hands.

16. A white, caramel and grey pomeranian, are the real triple trouble.

17. “I love posing and smiling for the camera.”

18. “I am just too shy, stop staring.”

19. “Your hands are really comfortable, human.”

20. If this little one didn’t make you smile, we don’t know what would.

21. These 2 little buddies cuddling together

22. “Mom’s purse is really comfy.”

23. “Is it the weekend yet? I’m tired.”

24. Those big puppy eyes that can stare at you so sweetly

25. Who wants a pair of teddy bears?

26. Pomeranian mama cherishing the apple of her eye

27. Imagine holding this ball of fur.

28. “Meet Vodka, a pomeranian snowball who knows exactly how to model for the camera.”

BONUS: A pommy doing an awesome job learning to swim

These little angels are so unique looking and beautiful with whatever color fur they have! Do you have any puppies that you’d like to share with us? We’d love to know!


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