25 People Shared Photos From the Past We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off Their Natural Style

2 years ago

Trends evolve decade by decade. And in times of social media, it’s so easy to share a snapshot of the moment on Instagram and let the world know about our great taste for style. But, not long ago, our parents, without a smartphone, showed us that style has many ways of expressing itself and it is all about confidence.

We at Bright Side searched for those old-school pictures of our past to prove style has no age. And if our grandparents had an Instagram in their day this is what it might look like.

1. "High school homecoming. We looked like a J. Crew ad."[1988]

2. “My groovy grandma. A trailblazer in her time as a lesbian and women’s rights activist.” [1970s]

3. “My dad, Big Bear Lake California in 1960 with a 1958 Hillman Minx”

4. “Posing with a road sign outside of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park” [1950s]

5. “A picture I found of my grandpa in high school” [1950]

6. “My dad (left) at his college graduation” [1970s]

7. “My dad & a 1949 Ford in Bokoshe, Oklahoma”

8. “My dad before the Bosnian war” [1980s]

9. “Maybe 1976 or 77. My mom, Auckland NZ”

10. “My grandma was (and still is) an absolute babe!” [1957]

11. “My mother posing with her motorbike at age 18” [1985]

12. "Grandpa and some friends in St John’s, Newfoundland"[1950s]

13. “Late 1960s, my dad”

14. “My mom and her stepmother posing by this man because of his ‘wild’ shirt” [1986~]

15. “My parents in the late ’80s”

16. “My dad’s high school basketball pic from the ’60s. He was just under 5 foot 5. Globetrotter drippin.”

17. “Granpa and Granma on vacation in Venice 30 years ago”

18. “A picture from the ’90s of my dad and some of his friends with Jackie Chan, after he was an extra in one of his films”

19. “My mom before driving to Lilith Fair” [1997]

20. “Roadside swap over to drag slicks while running back to the Saskatoon racetrack” [1980s]

21. "This adorable photo of my mother-in-law’s best friends"[1965]

22. “My stylish mom from Beijing, China”

23. “My girlfriend’s grandfather, meeting the Queen” [1977]

24. “My dad, who visited Germany and rented a car just to drive the Autobahn in the late ’60s”

25. “My dad playing bass” [1978]

Do you have a picture from the past that deserves a place in our old-school Instagram compilation? Share your greatest ones with us!

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