25 Photos of Super Cute Animals That Make Us Want to Take One Home

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Those who claim that there are only 3 things that someone can watch forever — fire, water and people at work — probably never saw the tiny paws of a hedgehog, a flamingo chick learning how to stand on one leg, or a basket full of puppies.

When reading this article, Bright Side strongly recommends holding someone fluffy.

When one doesn’t want to go for a walk and therefore becomes even more charming.

“Describe your ideal work environment.”

Who could actually work with those eyes looking at them?

You’ve never truly been hugged until you’ve been hugged by 3 beautiful elephants.

“I was sitting at the bus stop, when a lady with a stroller sat down nearby...”

“Last year, I built a sound-proof, built-in doghouse under my stairs, so Bucky would have a safe place to hide when he got scared. On the 4th of July, he let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I had wasted my time.”

There’s nothing more cute than a morning stretch.

A flamingo chick learns how to be an adult.

“Saw this friendly face on the train.”

“I bought a goth girlfriend for my Kiwi. Well, now she’s his goth wife and they have 4 beautiful half goth babies.”

This is a 12-week-old Saint Bernard puppy. Try to look at this photo for 5 seconds and not smile.

“Airbnb host was concerned I would cancel because he had puppies. Instead, I stayed an extra week!”

“This is Ted. He went on his first boat ride today. He hopes you like his giraffe vest. He picked it out himself.”

A Pudú is the smallest deer in the world.

Just a tired hedgehog getting some rest.

“This is Jamesy. He gives a kiss to every other pupper he sees on his walk.”

16 years together

“I said no 3 times at the SPCA because I’m not a cat person. She sat and purred in my lap as the lady said, ‘How? She won’t let anyone hold her!’ I knew I wanted her then. 3 days later my girlfriend said ‘she got adopted today.’ When I asked by who, she said ‘us!’ Welcome home Nirvana.”

“I put my dog on the trampoline for 3 seconds and she became an electrified-static pupper.”

This kiddo will be the star of every disco.

They made an exception for therapy dogs in Disneyland, and if this doesn’t melt your heart then you don’t have heart at all.

“Me and my toy twin”

This is how a mix of German Shepherd and Golden Retriever looks. It took all the best from its parents.

“I’ve just discovered that my dog has spots on the same place as I do.”

2 courageous sailors

Do you have pets? Share their cute photos in the comments below.

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