25+ Pics That Prove Bull Terriers Are Anything but Mean Bullies

3 years ago

There are certain breeds of dogs that, over the years, either because of their appearance, movies, or isolated incidents, have earned the reputation of being aggressive and even dangerous. And a classic breed appearing on these lists is the fearsome bull terrier. But when we see that particular long face and those tiny eyes, we can only question that reputation and surrender to such a curious little dog because, in fact, it’s far from a mean bully and closer to a super cute puppy, always requiring your attention.

And although we at Bright Side are fans of all dogs, whether they be purebred or mongrel, we couldn’t resist the temptation to show you pictures that some bull terrier owners (luckily) decided to share with the world to show how peculiar this friendly and extremely cute type of dogs really is. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy it.

1. “They swear this is the comfiest position on the couch.”

2. When the sausages run out...total drama!!

3. “Making bully cupcakes with my boy, Watson”

4. “Lulu always has this goofy smile (11-week-old mini).”

5. You know your dog is really comfortable when you don’t know whether to wake them up or call the vet.

6. “This is Ponyo, she likes to sleep on the window ledge.”

7. “A face only a mother could love”

8. “No, no photos, please — this isn’t my best angle.”

9. “Had to buy a baby gate for this one today — her face says it all.”

10. When you’re an introvert, but they still decide to throw you a surprise party:

11. “No personal space for me at all!”

12. “This would be your magnificent view if you were Tofu’s chew toy.”

13. “Grumpy Bean after being told she has to stay home”

14. -Bull terrier: “Do I look good like this?”
-Bulldog: “Get it over with and take the picture already.”

15. “I think she’s broken. How do I reboot her?”

16. “My deaf girl is highly addicted to screens. She has gotten to the point where she will try to take the phone away from me occasionally. Reddit cat videos are her favorite and make her shake with excitement. Weirdo!”

17. “Nala hates when I’m in my Zoom class.”

18. “Waiting on the food rain...”

19. “Confirmed — will nap anywhere, even mid-hike.”

20. “Oh, don’t mind me. I just like to watch.”

21. “The doggy daycare sent me this picture of my pup, Wilbur. He’s a character, to say the least.”

22. “Get that camera out of my face when I’m recharging my batteries.”

23. “Trying to work, but Daisy doesn’t believe in personal space.”

24. “Okay, Vicky, now take a candid photo of me, nothing posed, please.”

25. “Anywhere can be a bed, right?”

26. “Pikachu is half bully, half German Shepherd, but she really wanted me to show you guys her new bone.”

27. “1 hour, 40 minutes and counting — no movement yet”

28. “The best way to pause this bully”

29. “Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack...”

Do you have a bull terrier at home? What is your favorite thing about this breed of dog? Do you have a different type of dog? Why do you like it better than others? Don’t forget to share a picture of your pet (no matter what breed or animal it is) in the comments.

Preview photo credit JakoBables / Reddit


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honestly, these dogs might look a bit intimidating but once you get to know them better, they are the sweetest things


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